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July 3, 2013

Prom photo bomb.

     I really like taking funny pictures. My logic for liking them so much is pretty simple: the point of pictures is to capture memories, and funny memories are my favorite type of memories, so why not combine both into funny pictures?

     The problem is though a lot of my friends aren't as enthusiastic about these types of pictures. I happened to be going through some of my senior prom photos after work yesterday afternoon, and I found a few gems. I remember the exact moment when these first two pictures were taken. Both times I yelled Funny picture guys! It appears though that in both cases I'm the only one who got the memo.


     At least the second picture has reminded me that I make a pretty rockin' duck face when I try.

     No idea why my face looks like I'm dying of pain here, and no idea why it looks like the kid behind me is about to whack me in the head. I guess the funny face thing just sticks with me even when I'm not trying.

     And shout-out to my friend Jules for getting into the funny face thing with me towards the end of the night!

     If I could come up with such hideous expressions for my prom, imagine what my wedding pictures are going to look like someday. #heavenhelpme ;-)

     xoxo Miss ALK

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