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July 12, 2013

Summer of Something New blog challenge: Week 3

     Since this last week of working two jobs has been crazy busy for me, I still wasn't able to finish my Pinterest craft project yet. :-( Hopefully that will be next week's SOSN post! But I was able to do something "newish" this past Monday night... cooking a new recipe with my mama!

     When I was younger I used to love helping my mom in the kitchen. She is the one who taught me most of what I know about baking and cooking! But as I grew older and my schedule got more complex we rarely had time to cook together anymore. I would use the kitchen only to bake things for my high school advisory (home room) or for gatherings with friends. I didn't really have any desire to help cook meals anymore.

      So this past Monday it was kind of nice to be working with my mom again in the kitchen. Dinner was a cabbage/carrot coleslaw (not my favorite- but I was a good sport and ate it anyways!) and we also tried a new recipe for meatballs. I love eating meat and I love homemade meatballs... but my love for them grew after we made lamb meatballs! Lamb is my favorite type of meat, and the meatballs were amazing. I would share the recipe but unfortunately the book that it came from had a pretty strong copyright warning inside it, and since I don't want to get sued for sharing a meatball recipe I'll just tell you to go to Pinterest and search "lamb meatballs" if your'e interested in making some.

     Throughout my high school years my parents and I used to fight a lot. I'm an only child and while I love them both to death, I'll admit that I gave them tons of grief in those years. I feel like for much of high school all I did to them was complain about how I didn't have an iPhone or car. Well, eventually I got both of those things and then I realized that there will always be things that I want and can't have right away, and that was no reason to take stuff out on my mom and dad! In those years I was also never enthusiastic about helping around the house (still working on that one)...

     This little evening of cooking dinner with my mom will stay with me in the coming school year... and I bet I'll think of it when I will be sick of cafeteria food and miss her cooking! ;-)

     Happy weekend everyone! Expect many more posts next week! I'm planning to do some back-to-school fashion posts soon, and there will also be some exciting blog business news!

     xoxo Miss ALK


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