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July 6, 2013

My first group giveaway!

     Happy Saturday everyone! I'm so excited to announce that I'm particpating in my first ever group giveaway! The giveaway was started by one of my favorite fashion bloggers, Kate from Teal Vogue. I was so honored when she asked me to participate, and I'm excited for all of you because there are some wonderful prizes!!

Alicia at River City Chic || Kate at Kate the {Almost} Great || 
Miss ALK at Southern Belle in Training || Kate at Teal Vogue

a Rafflecopter giveaway

     I have donated the adorable pair of starfish earrings! They are from one of my favorite jewelry boutiques here in Maine. :-)

     If you have recently found my blog through this giveaway, thanks for following! Speaking of followers, has anyone noticed besides for me that it's past July 1st now but GFC is still alive and running well?! I also can still view my daily reads through my blogger dashboard... so not really sure how Google Reader dissapearing affected anything. But anyways, you're all still welcome to follow me through Blog Lovin' if you wish! (And that's an entry in this giveaway!)

     xoxo Miss ALK


  1. Google Reader isn't the same as GFC. The reader is definitely gone (it was a place you could put in RSS feeds of any website, I used it and loved it!) but GFC is staying put!

  2. The j. crew bracelet is gorg! Arm candy is my favorite summer trends!

  3. i'm really digging the maxi dresses this summer! that or shorts and a casual printed tee! :)

  4. Loving bright colors and polka dot prints :)

  5. I really like neon colors and cute skirts :)

  6. Ooh what a fun giveaway! I'm definitely loving the head scarf trend this summer. I really need to get on that and try it out :)


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