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April 14, 2021

Shopbop Spring Sale Wishlist!

     This week I am excited to order a few things in the Shopbop Spring Sale! It began on Monday, and is ending on Friday, 4/16. I have only started shopping regularly at Shopbop in the past year or so. For a long time, I thought that everything that Shopbop carried was solely ridiculously expensive designer clothing labels. It wasn't until about a year ago that I realized they actually carried tons of items under $100, and even some under $50! They also carry a lot of mid-range designer labels that I've grown to love from shopping at places like Nordstrom- things like Tory Burch (they have a great Tory selection!), AG Jeans, Sam Edelman shoes, and more. Today I'm sharing my wishlist for the current sale, and also a couple items at Shopbop that I already own and love!

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      The Shopbop Sale isn't the type of sale where you can find stuff marked down at ridiculous and crazy discounts (don't think Black Friday.) This is more the type of sale where splurge-worthy items that you might have on your wishlist that don't go on sale often are finally included in a bit of a sale! Maybe it's a really nice pair of shoes or new handbag that you want, or a pair of designer denim. At most times of the year it might be hard to find these things marked down in any sort of a sale, but the Shopbop Sale is a chance to finally grab these items at 15%, 20% or 25% off. The Shopbop Sale kicked off on Monday, and is running until Friday, 4/16! I feel badly that I wasn't able to get this blog post up until today, but you still have two more days to shop it. 

     Here's how the discounts work:
      (I personally cannot even fathom spending $800 in one sale... but I think the 15% discount for the $200+ is a bit more realistic for most folks- ha! Just wanted to add that disclaimer. 😊)  

     10 of the items pictured in the collage above are on my Shopbop Sale wishlist, and I also included two items I already own. Let me chat about those two that I do own first! A few weeks ago I ordered number three, which is the Madewell Perfect Denim Shorts. I've had a loyal pair of denim shorts for the past few years, but the store those were from discontinued the exact style, so I was on the hunt for something totally new this year. I really like Madewell denim and find them to be worth the investment, so I figured I'd give the shorts a try, even though they're a bit pricy at around $70. I love them!! They are super flattering and will look so great this summer season. I know they'll last me a few years too and I will definitely get my money's worth. The other item from here that I own is number eight, the Tory Burch crossbody! (Technically I think the actual style name is chain wallet.) I got this back in the winter and I have already used it a ton- it's my go-to weekend bag. I love how it can easy be dressed both up or down, and it matches everything.

     As far as my the rest of my wishlist- it's a whole range of items! Three items here are over $200- the AG jeans, and two pairs of the shoes. For really well-made designer denim like AG or shoes that will last me years, I don't mind saving up for an investment purchase. The rest of the items are all normally priced at under $200. I most definitely will not be buying all of this- hahaha!! But I am looking forward to shopping this sale this week, and I can't wait to share with y'all in next week's Midweek Ramblings post what I did end up getting! (Normally I share Midweek Ramblings posts on Wednesdays on the blog- but I took a break from that this week for this post!)

     Finally- I wanted to highlight some additional dresses included in the sale! There are so many pretty dresses for spring and summer on the Shopbop website right now. Some of them are super expensive designer pieces... but I rounded up my favorites under $150 and favorites under $100 for y'all!



     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese


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