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April 9, 2021

Organizing My Earring Collection + My Favorite Places to Buy Earrings!

      Confession: I am an earring hoarder. I suppose in fully honesty I'm kind of an all-jewelry hoarder... but earrings are by far my favorite type of jewelry. I am rarely seen without earrings. (I usually only take them out for workouts, and even then will often wear small studs.) Despite the fact that I only have one hole in each ear, I have an extremely  large earring collection! From tiny studs to big statement earrings, I love them all. I recently started storing my earrings differently thanks to a great organizational find from Amazon- and I love this new method so much that I wanted to do a quick blog post about it. 

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     Below you can see a picture of how I've organized my earrings since high school, which was to display them on earring trees. All four of my earring trees were from Claire's or ICING stores and are many years old at this point, haha! While I do think it looks really cute to display earrings this way, it stopped being as practical for me in the last year or two. I started thinking all four earring trees took up a lot of space, and for certain pairs of dangling earrings it was tough to remove them from the trees. 

     I knew that I wanted to start displaying them a different way, so I turned to Amazon to see what storage options I could find that weren't too expensive. I was so excited to find a great option very quickly, which is this set of three velvet jewelry stacking trays. They come in a few colors, are under $25 and on Amazon Prime!! My bureau in my bedroom is silver/grey, so I figured I would get them in grey in case I ever started keeping the trays in or on my bureau. Here's what they looked like when I first unpacked them: one perfect for tiny studs, one great for small dangling earrings, and one large enough for big statement earrings.

     Taking all of my earrings off from the earring trees took longer than I thought... I had over 100 pairs! I know, I know... I have a jewelry hoarding problem. (In full defense, I do try to wear as many pairs as I can as frequently as I can!) Anyways, taking all of them off the earring trees was a great time to really go through my collection and figure out which ones I could get rid of. I think I ended up picking like 15-20 pairs to bring to Plato's Closet! (Side note: I find Plato's Closet pays decently for costume jewelry! I often do better selling jewelry there than I do clothing.) 

     Going through all of them was a good Saturday night project during this pandemic winter! You can see Delilah in the background of the photo before, she was quite enthralled haha. 

     And voila!! All organized (and Delilah approved). I absolutely love this method for storing my earrings! It's been much easier for me to find specific pairs, and it's also been saving me lots of time in the mornings before work (and when you're a morning show host, time is money! Haha). I had enough big statement earrings to perfectly fill up the largest tray, and the other two still have a good deal of space left. 

     If you're looking for a method to organize your earring collection, I truly can't recommend these trays enough. They're currently cheaper on Amazon right now then they were when I bought them too! 

     I also wanted to share five of the shops that I love purchasing earrings at! I certainly don't limit myself to just these few, as I've amassed quite the jewelry collection from lots of retailers over the years. But these are kind of my "tried and true" destinations when it comes to finding cute earrings, or certain types of styles!
  • The Best of Everything (The cutest jewelry and accessories small business! Based in Florida, but they also have a store in my hometown in Maine. They have an online store too if you aren't in Florida or Maine.)
  • Mell's Trinkets (My favorite small business discovery of last year! Mell started out by making gorgeous Lilly Pulitzer inspired earrings, and now she does other beautiful styles too!)
  • Kendra Scott (I've been a fan of Kendra Scott for years. Check out some of my most favorite styles in this blog post.)
  • Talbots (A surprisingly great place to find classic and preppy earring styles. My mom has gotten me some of my most worn pairs of earrings from Talbots as Christmas and birthday gifts over the years!)
  • Target (I love their affordable Sugarfix line with Baublebar!)

God Bless,

    xoxo Annaliese 


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