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April 26, 2021

Designer Diaries: Sarah Flint Shoes

     At the end of 2020, I was invited to become a Sarah Flint Brand Ambassador. I was previously familiar with Sarah Flint shoes (they've been worn by some big names like Meghan Markle and Lady Gaga), but I didn't actually own any for myself as they are at a high price point. When I was invited to join the Brand Ambassador program, I was really excited to finally get to try and style a pair of these shoes, and test them out to let you know an honest opinion of them. Now that I've had my pair for a few months and worn them a good bit, I'm excited to share this review and a special Sarah Flint discount code with you today!

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About Sarah Flint:
      Sarah Flint is a woman-owned luxury shoe company, that is determined to bring women the highest quality and most comfortable luxury shoes at better prices than other designer labels. The company is named after founder Sarah Flint! She began her shoe company in her mid-20s, which I find especially inspiring! Sarah has always used Italian artisans to carefully and thoughtfully manufacture each pair of shoes, so these are most definitely not mass-produced. In fact, when you get your shoes in the mail, there is a card in the shoe box that will tell you the exact names of the artisans who helped create your specific pair. How cool is that? 
      Since the founding of the company, Sarah Flint shoes have greatly increased in popularity and demand, partly due to some of the incredible celebrities and athletes who have been spotted wearing them! Sarah herself also recently got married, and this is a great article from Town & Country all about how she designed her own wedding shoes. 
     Another important factor that sets Sarah Flint shoes apart from others at a similar price point is the focus on comfort. Sarah Flint shoes are designed to be very comfortable and durable from the first wear, without sacrificing on style and their outer design. (If you've read enough and you're already interested in checking out the Sarah Flint styles, make sure to use my Brand Ambassador code SARAHFLINT-BAANNALIESELK for $50 your first purchase!!)

About the Perfect Emma Heels:
      I got to selected a gifted pair of Sarah Flint shoes to style and review upon entering their Brand Ambassador program! At first I was really intrigued by the Perfect Pumps, one of their best-sellers and a truly gorgeous high heel. But where I don't really have a day job that permits me to wear very high heels (radio is pretty casual and we technically don't have a "dress code"!), I was worried that I wouldn't have enough chances to wear the Perfect Pumps to properly review them for this blog post. Sarah Flint shoes do use Italian sizing, but they have helpful conversion charts on their website. I ordered the 39.5, which translates to a US size 9 (my normal size), and I found they fit perfectly!
     So I decided to go with a classy and chic lower heeled pump: the Perfect Emma! The Perfect Emma heels feature a two inch block heel with extra arch support and foot bed padding. A two inch heel is something that I can get away with wearing at my job without feeling too dressed up, and I knew I'd also have plenty of chances to wear these outside of work as well. While these do come in a few colors, I wanted the Taupe Suede. I just loved the tortoiseshell design on the block heels! See them styled for one of my favorite blog outfits of this year so far below:

     Perfect Emma Review: 
     I have been absolutely loving my Perfect Emma shoes, and I'm also so pleased at how much I've been able to wear them since they are a versatile style! I normally find that I can get blisters on my heels when I am trying to break in a brand new pair of pumps. That has never happened with these shoes- they were very comfortable and well-fitting on my heels from the very first wear! I am really glad that I went with this style of shoes as they truly are versatile. They're a low enough heel that I can wear them M-F for work without feeling too dressed up for my casual workplace, and they'd also be perfect for church and weekends too! (Sadly with COVID-19 I still haven't had the chance to wear them too many places besides for work, but I'm looking forward to doing so once I am fully vaccinated soon!)
     The Perfect Emma and other Sarah Flint shoes are definitely pricey- I'm not going to say they aren't. They are definitely more expensive than what I'd normally feel comfortable buying on shoes. But with that said- they quality, comfort and style is impeccable, and I see that firsthand now that I have my own pair! If you're looking for a timeless style of shoes that you will truly get your money's worth out of wearing for years and years to come, Sarah Flint is it. 
     Here are just a few of my favorite work outfits that I've paired my Perfect Emma heels with over the past few months:

     If you're interested in trying out a pair of Sarah Flint shoes for yourself, whether the Perfect Emma or one of their other fabulous styles, I have a special offer for you. Use my Brand Ambassador code SARAHFLINT-BAANNALIESELK for $50 off your first SF shoe purchase! Just use that code at checkout on their website, and the $50 off is yours. 

     Do you own any Sarah Flint shoes, or are there any SF styles that you love? 

      God Bless,

      xoxo Annaliese 


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