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April 5, 2021

Cropped Flare Jeans = Yes Please!

     What is it with this whole Gen Z vs. Millennials debate on skinny jeans lately? I'm personally a big fan of skinny jeans and have no plans to take them out of my wardrobe anytime soon... or ever? Haha! But with that said, I am always open to trying out other styles of jeans as well. Long bootcut jeans I don't think will ever be my favorite (they give me middle school flashbacks from before I had my first pair of skinny jeans... *shudder*), but there are some other types of styles I'm willing to give a try. I've been shocked this spring at how much I'm loving cropped flare jeans- I've worn this pair so much more than I thought I would since I got them!

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     I started seeing cropped flare jeans popping up a lot from 2019 on, and last fall I finally decided to grab a pair. I wasn't sure how I'd like this style on me, so I wanted an affordable pair under $50. The ones I got and am wearing here fit the bill and ended up being under $40! (They're currently sold out in some sizes... but if they do have your size left they're on sale even more right now!) I like this style so much that I am considering investing in a nicer pair of cropped flare jeans, but I am glad I stuck with the affordable pair to try out the style. I was worried they would look like tacky capri pants on me... but I think they're actually fun and chic! What a perfect denim style for spring and fall especially.

      They're from Old Navy- I feel like I often have mixed views on their jeans. I think Old Navy is great for denim if you're trying out a new trend like I am with these. Their denim material isn't quite as soft or durable as some of the other more expensive denim brands that I like... but I think that's okay if it's for a pair of jeans that might not be your number one go-to, if that makes sense! One last note- I find Old Navy jeans run very small in the waist. I'm wearing a size 8 here, and I'm typically a 6/28 in jeans (sometimes a 4/27). Since the exact Old Navy style of cropped flare jeans I'm wearing here is almost sold out- here are some more fun cropped flare jeans to pick from at a variety of price points!

     Now I need to tell you the full story behind this outfit. This is what I was wearing almost a month ago when I was in a car accident! These photos were taken by a lake in the suburbs of the Richmond area by my friend Caroline. Caroline and her husband just moved back to Virginia in February (they spent a year for her work in Columbia, South Carolina), and I decided to go down on a beautiful March afternoon after work to see her new neighborhood and enjoy some outside time by this lake. We had a wonderful afternoon exploring together, and then as I headed back up to Charlottesville in the early evening, a deer jumped on my car on I-64 and totaled my car!! Quite the outfit to be stuck on the side of the highway wearing when you're waiting for the police, the tow truck, and your friend who is giving you a ride home. I'm hoping to go see Caroline in Richmond again this weekend...fingers crossed for no car accidents or major surprises this time! Hahaha.

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese 


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