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September 9, 2019

LILLY PULITZER AFTER PARTY SALE: My 5 All-Time Favorite Lilly Looks!

     Happy First Day of the Summer 2019 After Party Sale to my fellow Lilly Pulitzer lovers!! In honor of the sale starting today, my sweet Lilly loving blogger friend Gentry from Girl Meets Bow and I wanted to do a fun collaboration. We're each sharing five of our favorite Lilly looks from years past on our blogs to celebrate our love of this brand! One of the looks I'm sharing goes all the way back to my first six months of blogging years and years ago... 💗I can't wait to share!

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     1. My First Lilly Dress - Forgive the absolutely hideous photo from this post (#NewbieBloggerProbs) but this will always be one of my favorite Lilly looks and favorite blog posts! I fell in love with Lilly Pulitzer during my freshman year of college in North Carolina, and purchased my first dress over Christmas break. I remember there was a warm January day early in the next semester, and I was too excited to wear it to wait until proper spring weather! 😂Hence why the trees behind me are so bare...
     I thought I lost this dress during a move to/from college a few years ago- but my mom found it this summer while cleaning out our garage! She washed it for me and now it's back in my closet where it belongs- I'll always keep this dress since it's special!

     2. My Favorite Lilly Dress - This dress I believe is from Spring or Summer 2013, but I purchased it a year later on sale at the Lilly Pulitzer signature store in my hometown! I remember being so excited to find a dress I'd loved so much so long after the style was retired! I ended up wearing this dress for my 20th birthday back in college, and I've worn it for a few other occasions since too. I'm actually considering wearing it to a wedding I'm going to in a couple weeks! I love the gorgeous blue colors in this dress and I think this will always be one of my very favorites.

     3. Graduating College in Lilly - My parents generously bought me a Lilly dress to wear for my college graduation- it's actually the first Lilly dress that I ever got at full price and not on sale, which made it even more special to me! I felt so wonderful wearing this on my college graduation, and then again later for my senior photos (which were actually taken a couple weeks after- oops! 😉) 

     4. Lilly Pulitzer in NYC - Of course wearing Lilly in NYC for NYFW last February had to make the list! My friend Gentry and I teamed up with Pink Colony, a fabulous Lilly Pulitzer boutique in Vermont to make these looks happen. I got to work with Pink Colony twice during the year I lived in Vermont, and it was so fun to partner together again for NYFW! Visiting the Lilly store on Madison Avenue was also such a dream!

     5. Classic Prep Lilly Look - This is one of my most recent looks on the blog, but I think it's one of my favorites! This turned out to be such a classically preppy summer look, and I think it truly embodies my personal style! I also will always love the Let's Cha Cha print from 2013, which is what my skort is. 

     Now head over to Gentry's blog Girl Meets Bow to hear all about her favorite Lilly looks! 





      The sale is open through Wednesday- hoping you have a stress-free shopping experience and score all of the Lilly picks that your heart desires!

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese


  1. It's basically the most fun day of the year!! Loved getting to rock our Lilly at Fashion Week and so fun to share our favorites together! :)

  2. Such beautiful dresses!! Each one looks fantastic on you!

  3. I love this so much! For some reason I don’t remember my first Lilly dress, but all of my pieces are so special to me. I actually wore Lilly to my graduation too I think.

  4. Love all of your Lilly looks! I still have my first Lilly too and don't think I can ever part with it!


  5. They look great on you!! As always, good choices.


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