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June 10, 2016

The Best is Yet to Come - My College Senior Photos.

     I'm so excited to be sharing my senior photos here on the blog today!! And it's about time I do, because it was a month ago this weekend that I graduated! A few weeks ago, I had a special photoshoot done to commemorate college graduation. Senior photos are a big tradition for graduating high school seniors, and I think that the trend is just starting to catch on for college graduations as well. Jess, my Big in Alpha Delta Pi, and Ciera, my bestie from my first college and my new roommate in my apartment, joined me as they are both recent graduates as well! My wonderful new blog photographer, Deeana of Deeana Kourtney Photography, did the pictures for us at on my college's beautiful campus. You all might recognize some of the spots that the pictures were taken at from my outfit shoots from the blog over the past few years. :-)

     Jess painted me these letters a few years ago as one of my initiation gifts when I joined ADPi!

     One of the main reasons that I've never regretted spending my freshman year at a different school is because it lead me to this girl! We have only become closer since I came to Queens, and now we are roommates in post-grad life!

     Lastly, a couple photos from my actual graduation day! I was very lucky to have my parents here in Charlotte for the festivities, as well as some extended family from Maine, Connecticut and New York! I was only a couple weeks recovered from the unexpected concussion that I was dealing with near the end of the school year by the time that graduate came around, and I will forever be thankful that I was feeling well on the day of the festivities, as it had been a very rough few weeks leading up to it.

     I wore a gorgeous Lilly Pulitzer dress for graduation... my specific dress is sold out now (although it might be brought back for this summer's After Party Sale!), but I am linking a very similar one below!

     If you would like to see a peak into my senior year dorm room, check out this post from earlier in the week!

     Now that all of my college and graduation recap posts are over, I'll be starting to plan out some fun new blog content about my apartment and things related to beginning post-grad life!

     xoxo Miss ALK


  1. Love these pics, Graduation day is such a bittersweet day, welcome to postgrad life! Your dress is beautiful!

    Courtney Drew

  2. These photos are beautiful, girl! And can I just say that I'm kind of obsessed with the way you decorated your graduation cap - what a great idea!
    -Anna |

  3. Beautiful!! Congratulations again.

    Pi love,

  4. These pictures are all so cute! Congrats again Annaliese!


  5. These photos are so fun! Congratulations :)

  6. Your photos are so darn cute!! It makes me want to graduate college again so I can redo mine.

  7. You look SO pretty, lady! Congrats again :)

    xoxo, Jenny

  8. These are too cute! You and your friends look absolutely gorgeous!


  9. I was considering going to Queens for a while, so I'm happy to hear you loved it! You can definitely rock a Lily print :D


  10. Aww, these pictures are just so cute! Congratulations dear!
    Now the life begins hmm? :))
    Have a lovely weekend!

  11. How cute are you? These photos are adorable! Congrats girl!!

    xo Ashley

  12. What an honor!! Beautiful photos. Congrats.

  13. These pictures came out gorgeous! I'm glad you were feeling better for graduation! Congratulations!

    The Blush Blonde

  14. Congratulations! Your photos are so wonderful!

  15. These photos are beautiful! Congrats girl!!

  16. These are such beautiful photos!! I wish I had hired a professional photographer to take pictures of my friends and I.. my had my best guy friend do it, but he was in such a fowl mood for some odd reason and all of the photos turned out horrible.. blurry, out of focus and just not properly shot, you can tell he let his mood ruin the photos! I was so disappointed when I got my camera back :(

  17. I love all of these photos! Your dress is gorgeous!

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