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January 29, 2013

Fashion post {1/29/13}

  •  Dress: Lilly Pulitzer (December 2012)
  • Boots: DSW (December 2012)
  • Earrings: Gift from my grandma (November 2012)
  • Bracelets: An airport jewelry kiosk (July 2012)    

      I want to start things off with a shout-out to the BEAUTIFUL weather! The South is had an unusually warm day today, and temperatures  neared the 70s. This is a huge winter blessing for this Maine girl!  
Now, onto my outfit. This post will be my first (of probably many) declarations of my love for Lilly. Lilly Pulizer that is! I was never really a big Lilly fan in high school, but I think the main reason for this is simply I didn't know much about it. I checked the Lilly website and it appears that there's only one boutique in the whole state of Maine that sells it... but the South is totally different! Lilly Pulitzer items are the rage down here, and there are many more Lilly stores to shop at. The only problem with Lilly Pulitzer is that their items tend to be very expensive. This dress that I bought in December was very marked down, and still cost me over $100. Don't get me wrong- I typically don't spend that much money on my clothes! I'm all about bargain shopping. But I fell in love when I tried it on, and it was an end-of-semester gift to myself for getting all A's and surviving my first semester of college. :-)
     This dress is called "Jeannie." I adore the pretty colors and floral print (If I haven't said before I'm obsessed with anything floral), but my favorite part of this dress is the modesty factor. It's high cut with a flattering neckline and adorable 3/4 legnth sleeves, and it's definitely long enough, so these factors combined prevent me from showing anything unnecessary. ;-) But what I really like is that even though it's modest in cut it doesn't just hang on me like a sack, it's fitted in all the right places and shows off my chest and hips in a ladylike way! Seriously ladies, this is a win-win situation going on.
     Yes, the boots that I'm wearing here are the same ones that I've worn in my last few posts. At least I warned y'all that they'd be appearing a lot. When I get a pair of shoes or boots that I really like, I tend to wear them all the time. My freshman year of high school it was that way with my first pair of Uggs. I wore those poor things out so much that by the time they were unwearable the soles of them were almost nonexistant and they had many stains and scratches. Let's hope I never take these poor boots to those extremes!
     My grandma gave me these earrings a little after Thanksgiving. For the holiday she had flown down to Virginia to spend time with my uncle and aunt who live there, and she had found these at a little jewelry boutique while she was there. They're simple, so they blend in well with this bright dress, instead of taking away from it.
     Yes, I really did get these 2 stretch bangles at an aiport kiosk! To be specific it was Logan Airport in Boston, Massachusetts. On my trip to visit my college for orientation last summer my dad and I had some time to kill in the airport on the way down, and I found my way to a jewelry kiosk. They were having some sort of deal if you bought two. I love how one of them says "PRAY" on it, what a great reminder to thank God all the time! And the pretty stones in the other bracelet match almost everything I wear. Moral of this little story: cute jewelry can be found almost anywhere! Even in airports. :-)

     What was the weather like where you live today? I'm sad that it will again be turning cold here later in the week.

     xoxo Miss ALK


  1. love your outfit, girl! :) you are so gorgeous, too, by the way. :) cuuuuute boots! oh, i'm definitely a little obsessed with boots. ;)


  2. Love this outfit!! You're so pretty. :)

  3. oh adorable!!
    Love your smile, too!

  4. Another great fashion post :) you're like me with boots, when I find a pair I like I wear them out until I literally cannot possibly get anything more from them! I love your bracelets too :)


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