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September 4, 2019

Midweek Ramblings.

{Last picture in my old apartment yesterday before turning over the keys! Follow me on social media @miss_alk}

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  • The end of the moving saga: FINALLY done moving apartments!! Ahhh it felt like I had been doing that for years. (Although technically I've moved apartments every year since 2016... so I guess I kinda have been?) This was my first time ever moving just across town and not out of state, so I anticipated it being super easy. Spoiler alert: moving is tough no matter if you're going down the road or across the country. Unfortunately things didn't end on the best note- I found out yesterday that I owe a lot of money for carpet cleaning / replacement. 😑It totally sucks but I'm thankful to officially be moved out of the old place at least- onto what's next!
  • Delilah during the move: So proud of my cat Delilah- she did much better than I expected with moving! She has settled in quickly, and is really enjoying my roommate as well. When I first adopted her, she would cry through the whole night for almost the first month. I was nervous she'd do the same in the new place. Amazingly she was been sleeping so well at night since we moved! 
  • Switching closets: Do you abide by the "no white after Labor Day" and other seasonal fashion rules? I do for some things, and not for others. White is a tricky one for me- I have a few white blouses that I will wear year-round. I do put away white dresses after Labor Day though. Seersucker is another thing that I will definitely put away for the season after Labor Day. My summer Lilly Pulitzer pieces I'm mixed on... it'll still be warm in the South for at least 6 more weeks, so I might keep wearing some of them on weekends. Would love to hear your thoughts!
  • Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale: The info is officially out y'all! The next After Party Sale begins this Monday, September 9th online at 8am EST. I'm more excited though for the in-store preview, starting Saturday September 7th! With my birthday being on Friday it's going to be the best weekend! 

Weekend recaps:
  • Last weekend: Moving, moving and more moving! Haha. I was hoping that most of that would be over by Sunday so I could enjoy my Labor Day, but I will still cleaning and moving stuff out of my old apartment on Monday. Ah well! On the bright side, Sunday was a great morning at church. I've been church hunting all summer and pretty sure I've found my new church home!
  • This weekend: My 25th birthday!!! In full honesty, my last few birthdays weren't that great due to other things going on in my life at the time, so I think that's all translating to extra excitement this time around! My birthday is Friday, and I'm doing something fun after work that day. That night is my birthday party with Charlottesville friends! On Saturday, Abigail (roommate) and I are planning to visit a winery or two. I started my blog on my birthday seven years ago, but I'll be celebrating my blogiversary tomorrow on the blog instead of Friday. 

  • Couldn't resist this adorable hat for fall for under $15! It comes in so many fun colors- I got it in dark red. But I want to order more! 
  • I finally hopped on the pearl headband trend! I ordered this set of three because I liked that the pearls were different colors instead of the standard white that everyone else has. 

  • I finally want to attend a UVA sporting event this fall- how perfect is this dress for Game Day? 
  • I already own a camel coat that I'm excited to wear again this fall, but if you don't have one yet, this gorgeous one is under $70!
  • I forget which blogger shared these under $5 face mask brushes- but now I want them!A
  • Abigail (roommate) and I are thinking about getting twinkling lights for our new apartment- how fun are these star ones
  • Who else loves the Kendra Scott birthday discount? I forgot to use mine last year (🤦🏻‍♀️) but I won't be making that mistake this time! Thinking about buying a piece of jewelry in this beautiful pink color!
  • Also is it safe to say that this week's wishlist also includes all things Lilly Pulitzer?! Can't wait to see what I'm going to score in the After Party Sale!

Currently reading: Next Year in Havana by Chanel Cleeton - another one that I waited awhile for at the library, excited to dive into it more this week!

Recipe of the week: Easy Cinnamon Roll Bites from The Recipe Rebel. Haven't actually made these as I still haven't even had time to think about cooking (sadly still living off takeout and Trader Joe's frozen meals right now)- but I want to try these soon! They look so delicious and easy!

Song of the week: Boyfriend by Ariana Grande and Social House. I have mixed feelings on a lot of Ariana Grande's songs (some I love, some I hate), but this one is definitely a love! It has such a fun 90s feel to it- does it remind anyone else of old school Mariah Carey?

Favorite blog posts of the week:
  • Caralina Style - I think I NEED these shorts that Cara looks so cute in!
  • Prep in Your Step - Helpful tips from Dorothy on how to pack for wedding weekends that are far away.
  • Chronicles of Frivolity - Katey shared an update on decorating her master bedroom with the most gorgeous nightstands!

On the blog this week:

     Celebrating seven years of Southern Belle in Training with my first blogiversary post TOMORROW! Be sure to stop by and read. Friday will feature a fun birthday blog post!

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese



  1. YAY for moving being over- I'm sure it was super stressful! Now you can relax and enjoy your birthday (!!) and the APS (!!) :) Lots of fun to come this week!

  2. So glad you're almost done moving! That's the BEST feeling ever. I am so excited about the Lilly sale. How fitting it's on your b-day weekend! Happy early bday.


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