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August 12, 2019

What to Wear to a Daytime Wedding.

    Most of the weddings that I've attended so far have all been late afternoon or evening weddings. I feel like there is a different type of dress code standard for morning or early afternoon weddings! You still wanted to look dressy and nice as a wedding is a special occasion, but it's not quite the same type of formality as a wedding later in the day. I'm going to my first noontime wedding next month, and I wanted to share an outfit that I put together as inspiration (that I might actually end up wearing for this wedding!). 

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     I love this fun lace dress so much! I feel like it's a pretty good dupe for a similar designer version that I've seen other bloggers share from Nordstrom. The dress I'm wearing comes in four beautiful colors, is well lined, and is under $30! I'm wearing my usual size M (I always size up with Shein) and it fit me perfectly. I chose to accessorize it with fun statement earrings, nude open toe heels, and a coordinating pastel pink purse! I love pairing light blue/periwinkle and pastel pink together- aka gender reveal colors. (I guess technically this whole outfit could work for a fancy gender reveal party too! 😂)

    As I said in the beginning of this post, I'll be attending my first daytime wedding in September. I think prior to this the earliest wedding I've been to was at 3pm, so 12pm is definitely a lot earlier! My personal thoughts going forward about picking dresses for more casual weddings or earlier daytime weddings is to wear something too nice to wear to your day job, but that wouldn't be nice enough for a formal wedding. For example, I often wear shift dresses to work in the summer, so I would avoid wearing those to a wedding because they remind me of everyday outfits. The dress I'm wearing in this post seems just a tad too much for me to ever wear to work (even though my work doesn't technically have a dress code, I still wouldn't!), but it's not formal enough for a really fancy event either. I think that's what makes it just perfect for a daytime wedding! Finding that sweet spot of semi-formal in the middle of attire choices.

     The wedding that I styled this outfit for is in September in Charleston! I can't wait- I haven't been back there since the blogging conference I went to a few years ago, but I didn't have much time to explore on that trip. I will be exploring outside of the wedding festivities on this trip, so if you have must-do Charleston suggestions please send them my way soon. I'm hoping that the weather will be beautiful and warm, but not as crazy hot as it is in South Carolina in July/August! I'm not 100% sure yet this is the outfit I'll wear, but I think it's definitely a top contender, and if I don't wear it for this one I might for another daytime wedding in the future. 

     Enjoy your Monday! And hope you had a great weekend! Thank you for stopping by today. Things are definitely a little quieter on the blog this month with moving going on, but I'm still going to get you three posts each week! 😊

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese 



  1. What a gorgeous look! I think this would be perfect for a daytime wedding.

  2. Omg this is super cute! I am going to a nighttime wedding in 2 months... eek! Any suggestions for that?

  3. Such a cute dress, and perfect for a daytime wedding! The color looks gorgeous on you. xo Nipa

  4. Yes totally looks like a dupe! I love it!

  5. You look gorgeous! I love the color and texture of that dress. It really is a perfect wedding guest dress.

  6. This outfit is great and looking forward to more posts!

  7. I am still at such a loss at what to wear to weddings, but I've realised it's something I need to learn about quickly, as I'm now at that age where people around me are starting to get married! The first wedding I went to back when I was 18 I wore an extremely brightly coloured, low-cut dress and didn't realise how WRONG I had dressed until I arrived, so I left my coat on all night - even though it was super warm 😅 I think this dress is so beautiful, and seems perfect for a daytime wedding. Elegant and gorgeous, and a lovely colour without being too "look at me". Perfect!

  8. This dress is so cute! Love the purse.

  9. Love this look! Especially with the high pony and tassel earrings! I think it would be perfect for the wedding in Charleston.

  10. Really beautiful dress. This color is perfect on you.

  11. Love this dress on you girl! I'm heading to a wedding in a couple of weeks, and I need all the inspo!


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