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August 28, 2019

Midweek Ramblings.

{A fun sneak peek at the statement shelf I designed in my new apartment's living room! I'll be sharing a tutorial on how I put this together soon on the blog. Follow me on social media @miss_alk!}

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  • Home stretch with moving: So close to being done! This entire month of August has been a giant blur of packing, driving across town, and unpacking. I'm so thankful the end is in sight. I'm feeling more than ready to return to my regular blog posting schedule, as well as to have more free time in general again! I also can't wait to feel settled once again in my living space. And finally- I'm ready just to be thinking about things other than moving. I feel like I've lived and breathed it for the past few weeks and I'm over it- haha! 
  • Sweet video: I love anything to do with The Backstreet Boys, and this touching video from a hospital in my home state of Maine was just awesome! A cancer patient had to miss a BSB concert this summer that she had tickets to, so her nurses tried to bring the concert experience to her in the hospital! Watch here if you need a smile today. 
  • What dreams ARE made of: Can you believe that Lizzie McGuire is coming back?! I seriously thought that the announcement of the reboot was joke last week when I started seeing it on social media, but amazingly it isn't! I am seriously so excited. The Lizzie McGuire Movie will probably always and forever be in my Top 5 favorite movies, no matter how old I get. I wasn't planning to get Disney + as I'm not a fan of most Disney movies, but I think I definitely need it now!

Weekend recaps:
  • Last weekend: Looked very similar to my other August weekends- Saturday was dedicated to moving and unpacking stuff in the new place, and Sunday was church and something fun after! This week that something fun was going to a new-to-me winery for a wine tasting for a friend's birthday. I think it's helped me keep my sanity with this moving process to dedicate Saturdays to that, and then do something more relaxing on Sunday.
  • This weekend: MOVING DAY is Saturday- finally!! I also have a work event Saturday morning before the movers come. For the rest of the long weekend, I'll be finishing up settling into the new place! That's why I decided to move over Labor Day Weekend, instead of in two weeks when my old lease formally ends. I'm also hoping to visit a winery Monday if there's time!

Purchases: Lots this week, but mostly more little things for the new apartment! In the past, I've mostly done home decor shopping at various discount stores, but this time around I didn't have much time to shop in person, so Wayfair became my new BFF. How has it taken me this long to order from there?! Anyways- here's everything I ordered this week!
  • Pulled the trigger and got this cute doorstopper that I featured in last week's Midweek Ramblings Wishlist!
  • This frame for the bedroom gallery wall I'm going to do.
  • And this frame for the same gallery wall as well!
  • A fancier toothbrush holder for my new bathroom (I've been using an old plastic cup for the past few years 😂)
  • And a new laundry basket from Target was needed as well. Love the color and it's under $5!
  • J. Crew has been having an amazing end-of-summer clearance sale on their website for the past few days! I picked up a few things: so excited about this bathing suit! I got it in pink and green and scored an incredible deal. 
  • Also grabbed this dress for work! I've been obsessed with similar dresses to it all summer but had yet to purchase one. 

  • I might finally have to hop on the pearl headband trend- love this pack of three!
  • The cutest hat for fall- comes in many colors and is under $20.
  • One of my coworkers has been wearing the best smelling lotion at work lately. She finally told me what the brand is! The lotion itself is very pricey, but the company makes a cheaper body mist which I want to try!
  • Krista from Covering the Bases shared her new method for storing statement earrings- I might have to buy this and copy her!
  • Possibly the most stunning pink Lilly dress EVER- I know it won't be in the upcoming sale but already crossing my fingers it'll be in the winter After Party Sale!

Currently reading: The Babysitter by Diana Diamond. I was reading this a few weeks ago, but then took a break when Where the Crawdads Sing came in for me at the library finally, so now it's time to finish this one!

Recipe of the week: Too busy with moving this week to even think about cooking! 😅This week is looking like take-out and Trader Joe's frozen Indian meals.

Song of the week: What's Left of Me by Nick Lachey. Spotify recommended this fun throwback to me this week and I'm so glad they did- how did I forget about this song?

Favorite blog posts of the week:
  • The Thrifty Pineapple - I've been very curious about trying athletic attire from Outdoor Voices, and Angela's honest review has me convinced I need a few pieces now!
  • A Byers Guide - Courtney shared the best dessert spots in Birmingham- I already had this city on my bucket list but now I really want to go.
  • The Motivated Millennial - Hannah shared what I think is the ideal Gulf Coast road trip- I've never been to any of these places but it sounds amazing!

On the blog this week:

     My August work outfits will be shared tomorrow- I had a lot of fun with this month's work-wear so I can't wait to share. 

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese 


  1. Me: Sees that seersucker bikini... adds to cart! So stinking cute!

  2. I love that statement shelf sooo pretty! Oh my goodness what a sweet video. They’re actually coming to Birmingham on Wednesday, I’m really considering going. I am soooo excited for Lizzie McGuire, that was my childhood. Good luck on your move! I am soooo excited to see your new home! Thank you so much for the shout out. PLEASE come visit!


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