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August 21, 2019

Midweek Ramblings.

{Taking a break from moving and packing last weekend at Afton Mountain Vineyards. Follow me on social media @miss_alk!}

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  • Chasing Happiness: Confession: I was a terrible middle school girl back in the day as I was probably the only person I knew who didn't like the Jonas Brothers. I think I was curious about them before seeing Camp Rock, but their weird haircuts and outfits in that movie turned me away from them for good! 😂Anyways, since they've reunited I've been hearing a lot about their Amazon documentary, Chasing Happiness. I decided to watch it last week randomly, and was so pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it! I always assumed the Jonas Brothers were randomly put together by Disney, but that's actually not their story at all. Their old music still isn't my favorite, but I have a lot more respect for them now!
  • Delilah visits new apartment: Moving Day into the new place is a week and a half away, and this afternoon after work I'm taking Delilah to visit the new place for the first time! My friend Emily is coming along with me to help her do okay in the car (I'm grateful to have someone else there!). I've never moved with a pet before, so I wasn't sure if it was best to bring her over beforehand and let her play in the space or just wait until the big day- hopefully she'll like going over before! 

Weekend recaps:

  • Last weekend: After barre class on Saturday morning, I spent the rest of the day continuing to move stuff and unpack in the new apartment! My friend Tyler has a truck, and she was so kind to help me bring over some things that are too large to put in my car. On Sunday after church, I went to two wineries with my friend Emily! It was good to have some time to relax after the day before being so busy.
  • This weekend: I'll be just one week out from actual Moving Day (aka the day the movers come for my bedroom furniture and it'll be official!). I'm planning to start moving kitchen stuff and food over this weekend, and also start decorating some common areas of the new apartment with my roommate. Probably both Saturday and Sunday will be spent moving and unpacking, but I know it'll all pay off soon!

  • More purchases for the new apartment this week! I'm buying some new things for my new bathroom and also taking over some things from my old place. I'm really excited though about my new shower curtain- doesn't it scream bachelorette pad?!
  • And of course- cute new shower curtain hooks to match.
  • I also got a ton of miscellaneous storage items for the new place at Target- they have so much on-sale right now since it's back to college season. 
  • One of my favorite bloggers, Heather, raved on her Instagram Stories about these fancy DIY nails. I normally get dip manicures regularly at the salon, but I've taken a break for a few weeks to let my nails breath (and also with moving!). Anyways- I decided to give the ones Heather shared a try- I'll let y'all know what I think once I try them! 

  • This adorable doorstopper- might have to get this as the finishing touch for my the bathroom in my new place. 
  • I love this striped dress- would be a fun fall transition piece paired with riding boots!
  • Another cute fall transition piece- love this flirty skirt
  • I saw this purse at Target a few days ago and I've been thinking about it ever since! It's under $50 and would be darling for fall.
  • Love the colors of this dress! It's a little on the short side for everyday wear but it would be so cute for going out. 

Currently reading: Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens. I waited a really long time for this book at the library since it's such a hot title right now!

Recipe of the week: I'm not really cooking anymore this week since I'm trying to start packing my kitchen (lots of Trader Joe's frozen meals!), but how delicious do these brownies look? I want to try these soon!

Song of the week: Only Human by the Jonas Brothers. It's so good! (In my opinion, I feel like this should've been the first single instead of Sucker.)

Favorite blog posts of the week: 

  • The Daily Amy - Amy shared a very honest and heartfelt post about growing up Asian in the US, and how she's started embracing her heritage.
  • Carrie Colbert - Carrie has had a very tough start to 2019, and I admire her positivity attitude despite the hardships!
  • Style Charade - The family room of Jenn's new home is absolutely STUNNING!

On the blog this week:

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese 


  1. Ahh my favorite dress ever! I actually never was really into the Jonas Brothers either. I hope Deliah loves the new place.

  2. You have to keep me posted on what you think of Where the Crawdads sing. It is such a talked about title but the storyline didn't totally appeal to me...I'm still on the fence about whether or not I should read it. I love that cute bag from Target and your adorable shower curtain, it feels so you!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing my post! So thankful to have meet you through blogging and being able to bounce ideas with you. Also, that door stopper is adorable! I was actually looking for a doorstopper for my bathroom too!

    Amy |

  4. I love that doorstopper! It seriously looks so cute! I'd love something like this for my office at work. Thank you for sharing!


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