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August 7, 2019

Midweek Ramblings.

{First picture in my new apartment over the weekend! So excited to move in over Labor Day Weekend. Follow me on social media @miss_alk}

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  • Tough weekend: This was a tough weekend all around. Obviously the news headlines were disturbing and tragic with the reports of the two separate mass shootings. It is so scary we live in a time where this is becoming so commonplace. Aside from the national news, I also saw something on social media on Sunday morning related to someone that used to be in my life, and that affected me a lot more than I expected. Generally I try to stay pretty positive about things I see online related to people from the past, but this one really got to me, and I cried over it on Sunday more than I'd like to admit. (I also had a lot of guilt for feeling so badly about something petty in comparison with the tragic national news.) Sometimes honest emotion really does hit when you least expect it, and you have no choice but to let yourself feel. I sure am thankful for a new week!
  • Church hunting struggles: I've been hunting for a new church home since May, and have yet to find one. I've been visiting lots of churches in Charlottesville this summer, but have yet to find one that feels like "home." It can also be tough to get a real sense of a church after only visiting once- it definitely takes a few Sundays somewhere to really get a feel for it. It's been a slower process than I would've liked, but I'm trying to stay encouraged as I'm still searching this month! Charlottesville has a ton of churches and I still have many I haven't visited.
  • 3x week blog posts: Just a head up that I'll be posting 3x weekly instead of 4x for the month of August! As much as I love writing posts and working on the blog, I need extra time during weekdays this month for packing and moving. 

Weekend recaps:
  • Last weekend: I summed most of it up above! Saturday I began moving into my new apartment, and Sunday I visited another church and then spent a couple hours in the afternoon on a solo winery adventure. I also had dinners Friday and Saturday night with friends- I hadn't seen them a lot lately since I'd been out of town for the end of July so it was good to catch up!
  • This weekend: As of now the only thing on my agenda is going to my co-host Marc's son's birthday party! He is turning 5, and I thought it was just precious he wanted me to come. Other then that no plans yet! 

  • I bought this gorgeous off the shoulder dress for my birthday next month! It comes in a few colors- can you guess which I got? 
  • For awhile I've been wanting an eyeshadow stick for weekday morning makeup- I thought it would save me time in the mornings to try a stick instead of my palettes. I'm not sure I love the color of this one, but it sure is convenient! I might have to repurchase in another shade. 


  • This time of year is so weird for buying stuff- I'm past wanting to buy summer clothes, but it's way too hot in the South to think about fall fashion! One clothing item that I have been dreaming of though is this darling business casual dress. Someone I follow on Instagram was wearing it in the color Airy Blue and I just fell in love with it!
  • One thing I have been browsing for nonstop are colorful area rugs for my new apartment. I think this one might be the winner for my bedroom! 
  • Another thing on my new apartment wishlist is this darling electric kettle in blue and white. My friend has it in another color and it looks so cute in her kitchen!
  • Although I don't currently own any, I love the look of shirtdresses. Of course Lilly had to try their hand at this classic style (and now I want it!). 

Currently reading: Endless Chain by Emilie Richards. (Loving it so far!)

Recipe of the week: Easy Banana Cake from Amanda's Cooking. Normally I like to bake 100% from scratch, but this recipe was super easy to make since it used both cake mix and pudding mix! An easy weeknight dessert. 

Song of the week: The Fix by Chris Lane. Not a brand new song, but a great one! I always listen to more country music in the summer and this one has been on repeat on my Spotify country playlist. 

Favorite blog posts of the week:
  • Dress Up Buttercup - I love following both Dede and her husband Ted- their Instagram Stories together are always so funny to watch! Ted wrote their 7th wedding anniversary blog post on Dede's blog, and it was so touching to read!
  • Carolina Charm - Christina shared a how-to for making the most beautiful tablescape for a summer dinner party! I'm dying to try and replicate this myself. 
  • Chronicles of Frivolity - I know I can't be the only one who considers Katey a makeup guru, so if she's recommending drugstore lip products there's a high chance I'll try them!

On the blog this week: 
     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese 


  1. It's so nice you have the whole month to slowly transition into your new apartment since moving can be so stressful! Have so much fun at your co-worker's son's party, that is so sweet and adorable he wanted you there!

  2. I always love reading these posts. I'm super excited for your move!

  3. Aww I am so sorry about your tough weekend. The world we live in can be so scary. I hope moving is going well and you have a fun upcoming weekend.

  4. Yay for your new apartment! I bought a shirtdress a few months ago and I love it- perfect for dressing up or down!



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