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August 22, 2019

Southern Belle in Training "Best Of's"

     Happy Thursday! I had hoped to get another Maine Travel Guide post up for you today, but with being just over a week out from moving, I didn't have the time to put that together this week. Travel blog posts take me the longest to write, and I didn't want to rush through with everything I have going on and publish something that I'm not quite proud of. I'll try to get that up in early September after moving!

     Anyways, I didn't want to leave you without something new today, so I thought of the fun idea to take a look back at some of my past favorite SBIT posts! My seven year blogiversary is two weeks away, and with blogging for that long I have a lot of content from months and years past that I still love. It's easy to miss a post or two on someone's blog sometimes, so I thought I'd spend today highlighting some favorite posts of mine that you can enjoy in the meantime! On the morning show, my co-host and I will put together what we call "Best Of" shows when a company holiday falls on a weekday (like Memorial Day or Labor Day) - since we're off from work and not doing a live show, we play pre-recorded favorite audio from past morning shows. So here is my blog's version of a best-of!




     Hope you enjoyed this first ever Best Of post! I'd love to know which of these older blog posts were your favorite. 😊Have a great weekend, and I'll be back Monday with a new outfit post! Can't believe the month of August is almost over... I'm so ready to be fully moved into my new apartment and able to spend more time blogging again!

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese 


  1. This is kool I’ll go through the beauty and fashion posts

  2. Loving this idea for a blog post! So cool!

  3. What a fun post idea!I cannot wait to check out these posts. I just love this look too. Good luck on the moving, travel guides really do take me longer than regular posts.

  4. Also congrats on almost 7 years! That's amazing. I wish I had started my blog earlier, but I was so scared. I am glad I ended up starting mine though.

  5. This is such a fun idea for a blog post! Congrats on so many years blogging girl, keep it up!

    Juliana Grace |


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