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August 19, 2019

Lilly Pulitzer Let's Cha Cha Skort (+ WHEN is the Next After Party Sale?)

     I'm wearing one of my very favorite Lilly Pulitzer pieces on the blog today- and I can't believe this is the first time this skort has gotten its own outfit post! I've had it for over five years, so better late than never I guess? I also wanted to chat about when the next After Party Sale might be- safe to say at this point it'll be within the next month, if not sooner!

Photography by Kate Greer

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     Let's Cha Cha has always been my favorite Lilly Pulitzer print! I first fell in love with Lilly Pulitzer during my freshman year of college- almost exactly seven years ago. Let's Cha Cha was originally a Summer 2013 print, so it launched shortly after I became obsessed with Lilly. To this day, it's still my all-time favorite print! Partly because I love the colors so much, and partly for the sentimental value. A year after it launched (2014), I ended up finding this darling skort on sale at Pink Tangerine, which is the local Lilly signature store in my hometown in Maine! Just about all of my Lilly pieces are things I've saved up for and bought myself, but my dad got this for me after I found it, which was so sweet. This is one of my most special Lilly pieces, and I honestly have no clue why in five years it's never made it onto the blog for an official outfit post- haha! Better late than never?

     This skort is a size 2- I have gone up a couple dress sizes since when this was purchased years go and now I normally am a 4 or 6 in Lilly depending on what the item is. But miraculously I can still fit into this! Even if there ever comes a day where it is too small, I don't think I'll ever part with this piece since it's my very favorite print.

     Alright- now that today's outfit talk is out of the way, let's get into chatting about the After Party Sale! While I'm always sad to see the end of summer come, the one good thing about this time of year is that it's Lilly's biggest sale of the year. Lilly Pulitzer does hold the APS twice a year, but it's a known fact amongst Lilly lovers that the late summer APS tends to be better than the winter one! I always do several blog posts about the APS each time it happens, but if you're a newer Lilly fan or haven't shopped it before- the short story is the After Party Sale is the best sale of the year. Lilly Pulitzer marks down their best selling styles from recent months (think 30-70% off) for just a couple days, so you have to get it before it's gone! You can shop the APS in-store and online- I have done a mix of both for the last few.

    In the past years, the late summer APS always began in mid-August. In 2017, they pushed it to the end of August, and last year it fell all the way during the second week of September. My guess as to when it will be this year? Either beginning next weekend in stores (third week of August) or the second weekend in September. Lilly has never done their APS of Labor Day Weekend to my knowledge, so my hunch is it wouldn't be in two weeks- it'll either be one week or three weeks from now! And if it was four weeks from now, that would conflict with the re-launch of Lilly for Target which I don't think they'll do. Anyways- which timeframe am I hoping for? Personally- the one that would be three weeks away, or the second weekend in September! But I admit have selfish reasons for wanting it then. 1.) That's my birthday weekend and I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate than buying Lilly, and 2.) I'll be all moved into my new apartment and less stressed by then, so it'll be easier for me to have the time to create great sale blog content!

     I'd love to know what you're planning to purchase in the APS this year, and also how my blog and Instagram content can best help you shop! Please leave me any suggestions as a comment on this post, or via DM or email!

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese


  1. I am sooooo ready (& excited!) for the next APS! I stock up on the majority of my Lilly during the sale and definitely have my eye on a few favorites!

  2. I am so excited for the APS but always hate that they don't give us a better warning! I need time to prepare, budget, and plan what I am wanting, haha!

    Juliana Grace |

  3. Ahh I love this look! I have several of these skirts. I have a maxi dress in this print and it's also one of my favorites ever. I cannot wait to the APS. I always find something great on it.

  4. Love this! I think I'm looking forward to the Target x Lilly collab more than the APS because the APS gets so crazy!

  5. Those shorts are darling on you!

    More color, please!

  6. Obsessed. I love fun skirts. I have one with flamingos all over it and I get so many compliments at work!
    Jordan |

  7. I love the APS and have been (im)patiently waiting for this summer's sale!



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