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July 12, 2019

Things I've Bought Before in This Year's Nordstrom Sale + HONEST Sale Thoughts!

     I know you're probably already sick of hearing about the Nordstrom Sale before I even begin this post... but here we go! I have been shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (NSale) since 2014, when I purchased my first pair of Tory Burch riding boots, which was also my first-ever "big girl" designer purchase! That will still always be a special memory. 😊 I do think the Nordstrom Sale can be a great time to pull the trigger on a designer item that you might have been saving up for awhile on, or to get a few basic pieces for the upcoming fall season. However- do I think it's the greatest sale ever? NO! Do I think a lot of the items featured are very "basic" (especially in the 2019 sale)? YES! 

     You won't be seeing any massive NSale try-ons from me, or a giant haul of what I purchased- because a.) I only bought two things this year and b.) I didn't pay for two day shipping. What will you be seeing in this blog post? Well- I'll be sharing the two things I did get! And also highlighting items that are already in my closet from past years' NSales that I really liked and wear often, that are included in the sale again this year! I hope my perspective will be a little more authentic and unique than a lot of other bloggers are doing. 

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     Today began Early Access for all Nordstrom cardholders (the sale opens to everyone on 7/19 next week!), so as soon as the sale opened at 12:30pm EST I was ready to make my order. I had started seeing the most popular items that Icon and Ambassador level Nordstrom cardholders were debuting earlier this week all over Instagram already- and to be honest I wasn't very impressed! I thought a lot of the popular pieces from this year's sale were both very basic and also still very overpriced, even with NSale pricing! So I went into this today without high expectations... and I left my shopping experience pretty unimpressed! I saw tons of repeat items from years past, right down to the same exact colors/patterns! Also a lot of the fall clothing styles reminded me of things you can get at Target or even fast fashion retailers like Shein for a lot less. If I'm going to drop serious $$ at a store like Nordstrom, I want it to be on something that I feel like is truly unique or a very prestige brand! Not a basic t-shirt that could be from anywhere for example.

    Anyways- now that my ranting is out of the way lol, I did buy two things! First and foremost, my splurge item for this year were these leggings! All of my favorite bloggers have raved about them for years, and they rarely go on sale so now seemed like the time to try them. I know they will be a staple in my closet for fall/winter, so that justified the purchase to me. I think that's the perfect type of NSale buy- something name brand and a little higher-end that is marked down a bit only at this time! I'm excited to get them in and review them for y'all.

    I also bought this tank top in black. I actually wanted it in white instead, but it was already sold out in my size a little after 12:30pm today when the sale opened! So black it is. I know that every blogger and their mother it seems has also purchased this tank top (😂), but it is a super useful basic item! I know I'll be able to wear it with tons of things in my closet, which to me justified the sale price of $25. I personally still think $25 is a little high for a basic tank top... but it's better than the original price, and it'll be worth it with how much I'm wearing it. 

    I also wanted to highlight a few of the items I've bought in years past that are back this year!! Maybe you've been curious about these things and aren't sure whether to get them or not. All of these are things that I wear often and truly think are a good NSale buy:

     *Barefoot Dreams Circle Cardigan: $75+ for a cardigan... on sale? That was my reaction when I first learned of the Barefoot Dreams brand a few years ago. No way! But the more positive reviews I heard about it, the more I thought I had to finally try this for myself, and the NSale was the best time to do that. I have the Circle Cardigan in the color Carbon, and I love it. I wore it often last winter and look forward to it again. If you're always freezing cold at your day job like I am- it's a must! 

     *AG Skinny Jeans: The exact style that I have of AG Jeans isn't in the NSale this year, but many similar styles are! They're significantly reduced from the original price- so this is the time to buy or try designer denim if you want to. Typically I buy cheaper jeans (Zara is my favorite jean destination) but I do really love my AG pair from an NSale a couple years ago. 

     *Kendra Scott bracelet I got a Kendra Scott Elton bracelet in the 2016 NSale and it's become my most-worn bracelet ever! The bracelets in this year's sale are the similar Edie style, but still great and super versatile. I still wear this bracelet almost every day of the week! 

     *Tory Burch riding boots: My OG NSale purchase- and still a staple in my closet! Definitely an investment shoe, but so worth it in my opinion. The most classy boots that match just about all fall and winter outfits! I might buy another pair in next year's sale. 

     *Caslon Long Sleeve t-shirt: I got this in last year's NSale and was very pleased with the quality! I wore it often in the winter and spring. This is also one of the cheapest NSale buys at under $20! 

     *Lace Midi Dress: I actually own the almost identical version of this from Chicwish, but the Astr the Label dress that Nordstrom carries is the original! And it's on sale in this year' NSale. If you have anymore weddings or semi formal events this summer, snatch this up now! 

     *Leopard cardigan: Another thing that I don't own the Nordstrom version of- mine is from Target! I got it a couple years ago and love it! Target doesn't sell the one I own anymore, but the one include in the NSale is very similar and would also be a fall staple. 

     My purchases from this year and past picks from last year are linked below. Please let me know your NSale thoughts for this year in the comments! Did you also think it's a bit overhyped this year? Are you still shopping? (P.S. - for those who are shopping online and are shopping by clicking the links in this post, thank you for supporting my blog! Means the world!) I'm thinking I'll do one more NSale post next Friday when it opens to the public- but other then that I have no other sale content planned!

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese 


  1. I agree it was overhyped. I snagged a few things but this year the home and dining section was very sparse. Last year I grabbed some of my favorite cookware. I always pick up some Barefoot dreams since I love my cardigans and I bought one this year as a gift for my mom.

  2. What I always appreciate about you is your authenticity friend! It is why you are one of my favorite fashion bloggers! :)

  3. love this. thank you for being so genuine and real!

  4. I actually do like that many of the sale items are basics (because I like to get those as inexpensive as possible) but dislike that some of the items seem to go on sale year after year. I prefer to shop the sale for items like jeans/basic camis/basic sweaters and then maybe a designer purchase if it happens to be something I already loved but couldn't quite pull the trigger. Tory Burch riding boots are SUCH a great staple, and though I already have them so I didn't buy them this year, I definitely recommend them for anyone that doesn't have them.

  5. You know I am 100% on the same page as you! I am so excited that I only bought a pair of jeans- it's all I needed and I know I will use them SO much!

  6. Love your realness! I totally am planning on buying a few pieces, but being able to buy EVERYTHING is so unrealistic for most people! I'm thinking of splurging on a barefoot dreams cardigan this year since I've wanted one for so long!

  7. Thank you so much for your honesty, I didn't end up buying anything yet. I do thing some things are worthwhile, but overall I think it's overhyped.


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