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July 3, 2019

Making Your Summer Adventures Happen with Popchips!

Today's blog post is sponsored by on behalf of Popchips. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Southern Belle in Training! 

     Want to know two things I love that both happen to start with the letter "S"? Snacks and summer! I know I can't be alone in loving both of those. 😊In today's blog post I'm excited to share more about my new favorite summer snacks, Popchips and Nutter Puffs, and I'm also chatting a bit about how I try to make the most of my summers since being a full-time working adult, and still accomplish goals during summer months! Suns out. Snacks out.

Photos by Kate Greer

     A lot of times of the year seem to go by quickly, such as a week off from work or the holiday season. But I know for me personally, nothing goes by faster than sweet summertime! Each year I feel like I blink and the warmest months of the year have gone by. The rapidness of the season has only intensified for me since I graduated college three years ago- anyone else agree that life in the real world makes summer go by even quicker? 

     Anyways, enough about how fast summer is. We're here to talk about how to make the most of the season and actually make great summer adventures happen! Last summer I didn't have any PTO accumulated yet at my job, so I was here in Charlottesville for the whole season. I thought it would be kind of a boring few months, but it ended up being my favorite summer I can remember since I did so many cool things! I'm trying to have that same mindset towards this summer, and so far so good. Here are my tips for making the most out of your July and August and making adventures happen!

     *Make a summer bucket list: I started this annual tradition when I moved to Virginia last year, and made another one for this summer. I personally love sharing my bucket list on my blog so that I can reference the post easily and see how I'm doing with progress on it, but you don't have to share yours publicly if you don't want! I enjoy listing a variety of different activities on mine- everything from local stuff in Charlottesville to things in other parts of Virginia. Last year I completed about 75% of mine- hoping for a full 100% this year!
     *Plan in advance: While summer spontaneity can be fun from time to time, I can't recommend enough to be getting stuff on the calendar for summer way in advance! I find that with travel plans and other seasonal commitments, friends are usually busiest in the summer, and it takes double the effort to make group plans as it does in fall/winter. For example, a bunch of my girlfriends and I are going to a fun local event in Charlottesville next weekend. I first texted everyone about it almost two months ago- might sound crazy but time has flown by and now everyone is able to go and so excited! 

     *Seek out free events: Maybe this is just in my area, but the number of free local events in the community seems to explode in the summer! Charlottesville has everything from free concerts, free museums, free workshops, free admission days at certain local spots, and much more during summer. Here's a handy tip for finding free local events in your community: check out the events pages on your local radio stations' websites! The station that I work for is always listing free local happenings throughout the year, but especially so in the summer.

     *Always be prepared with snacks: Real talk - this might be the most important thing on the list! I don't know about you- but I'm almost always hungry for a snack. 😉Whenever I go on a day trip, I always have to have some sort of tasty snack item handy, since I know I'll be craving it before long! I'm so happy that I got to try all of the delicious Popchips flavors, just in time for summer adventures. Popchips are always gluten free and under 130 calories per serving, and come in so many tasty flavors!! I got to try them in Sea Salt, BBQ, Sour Cream & Onion in the original style, and the Cheddar & Sour Cream Ridges and Buffalo Ranch Ridges. All were so tasty, and I'm going to be enjoying these both as work snacks during weekdays, and on the weekends during summer day trips and pool days!
     Popchips also sent me two bags of their new Nutter Puffs (Peanut Butter and Peanut Butter & Chocolate) and these were so good! The perfect snack for when you are craving a little something sweet, but want to make a healthier choice than a dessert. YUM!! No wonder their official hashtag is #PeanutBetter! Find Popchips and Nutter Puffs here on Amazon, or at your local grocery store of choice! After you get yours I can guarantee you'll also be saying Suns out. Snacks out.

     I'd love to hear if you've tried Popchips or Nutter Puffs! And of course I'd also love your tips for making summer adventures happen before the season is over.

    Enjoy your 4th of July tomorrow! I'm taking the next two days off from new blog posts as I have a friend visiting for the long weekend, but I can't wait to chat on Monday. 

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese 



  1. Your tips are spot on! Summer really does fly by, but making a bucket list has helped me this year. Also love the snack tips, I am huge snacker and these sound amazing. I cannot wait to try them.

  2. I love your outfit, that BAG, and popchips are so yummy. Great post girl!

    Juliana Grace |

  3. I just tried these at a friends house, and they were so good!


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