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July 22, 2019

GUEST POST by Heather Bien: Burying the Bourbon in Charlottesville.

      Happy Monday from Maine! I'm taking the week off from the blog and blog related social media while I enjoy my vacation at home, but I have some fabulous bloggers guest posting for me in my absence. First up is Heather! I absolutely adore her blog. Heather was married here in the Charlottesville area in December 2018, and will be re-sharing a post from her own blog about a Southern tradition she incorporated into her big day! Stay tuned later this week for more fun guest posts! - xoxo Annaliese

Hi! I'm Heather Bien and I'm so excited to kick off Annaliese's week of guests posts! I'm a lifestyle blogger and writer based in Washington, DC. You can find me on my blog,, on Instagram, @hmbien. At the moment, if you follow along with me, you'll going to find lots of home content (my husband and I just bought a condo on the main level of an 1880 rowhouse on Capitol Hill in Washington!), travel covering everything from easy getaways in the mid-Atlantic to trips abroad, and lifestyle, including entertaining and all things career and blogging. You'll also catch me on sites, including The Everygirl, where I love sharing my thoughts on personal development, relationships, and more.

Side note: Annaliese is one of my favorite bloggers to follow along with—and live vicariously through—because Charlottesville is my home away from home. I went to UVA and I try to get back to C'ville at least once a season. There's no place on earth like it.

      So, the post I've chosen to share with y'all today is one of my favorites from my (extensive) coverage of wedding planning. I got married this past December and sharing my wedding planning process and all of the details and photos from the big day has been so much fun. We planned our own wedding and I could talk your ear off for days about what to do—and what not to do. Seriously, if you're getting married, feel free to reach out, I have SO many thoughts on everything, haha!

      However, I didn't want to share a post that was too planning-specific because I know most people are probably not in the throes of planning a wedding at this very moment, so instead I chose a post that I wrote about a Southern wedding tradition that's apparently not as well-known as I had assumed! Ever since I first dreamed of a wedding, long before I met my husband, I knew that I would bury a bottle of bourbon at my wedding site. But, when I mentioned to people that my then-fiancé and I were doing this, I received a lot of blank stares. Well, for the uninitiated, or those who didn't grow up in Virginia, burying a bottle exactly a month before your wedding brings good luck for good weather. And, though I can only go off of my own experience, we had a 62-degree, gorgeous day in December—and 6 days later there was a high of 23 and 9 inches of snow. Was it the bourbon? I'm not going to say it wasn't! Read the full post here.


  1. I also attend UVA! I'm a rising sophmore. Go Hoos!
    - Genevieve

  2. Ahh how fun! I loved learning about these southern traditions. I'm still new to the deep south, but love it.


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