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July 17, 2019

Midweek Ramblings.

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  • RIP Charming Charlie: This might be the saddest store closing news ever! Charming Charlie announced bankruptcy this week, and they will be closing all stores. I love Charming Charlie- although I haven't shopped there as much in the last couple of years, I was obsessed with it in college. Before they opened a store in Charlotte, I actually used to drive sometimes to Winston-Salem and Greenville SC to shop there. I went to our Charlottesville store this week but the store closing discounts so far are only 20% off- I'll definitely be going back in a couple weeks when things are cheaper!
  • Streaming costs: I saw this article while doing show prep for work earlier this week, and I couldn't believe it! Americans will be expected to spend 26 billion in streaming services this year. Back in 2015, it was just seven billion! I still have cable so I don't subscribe to many myself- just my Spotify/Hulu combo (I use my parents' Netflix account). How many do you subscribe to?
  • Happy Birthday: Today to my wonderful mom! I sadly don't get to be with her today but will see her soon on Friday night. She has always been my blog's biggest fan and supporter, and for that I feel very lucky!
  • Keep up with my radio show: A little shameless self promotion here. 😊 My radio Facebook page is so close to hitting 500 followers! I'd be so grateful if you gave it a like. This is where I'll post updates about my favorite segments from the Morning Show, and any other work related things!

Weekend recaps:
  • Last weekend: Very busy and fun! I went to an Early 2000s Dance Party held in downtown Charlottesville on Friday night which was tons of fun. The music playlist was incredible- I was screaming all the words to my favorite songs all night! Saturday morning I had brunch with a friend, ran a bunch of errands, and then went on an impromptu tubing trip with some friends in the afternoon! Tubing is so much fun and I hope to go again before the end of summer. On Sunday I went shopping in Richmond with my co-host Marc and his family! 
  • This weekend: Friday afternoon right after work I'll be headed to the airport to go home to Maine for the next 10 days! I will be taking a blog and social media break while I'm home which I think is much needed. Looking so forward to this summer vacation!

  • My two month shopping fast is finally complete! Perfect timing with the NSale and Prime Days starting last week. My one NSale purchase for myself this year was these leggings! I've heard great things about them and can't wait to try them for myself. I had ordered one other thing as well, but sadly that item was cancelled before my order arrived.
  • I got a new pair of Nike running shorts this weekend- do people still call them Norts or is that term very 2013? Haha! 
  • I also purchased a Roku for my bedroom TV in my new apartment this week! I had wanted a Fire Stick and they were sold out at the time I tried to purchase during Prime Days- but after asking y'all about it on IG Stories and doing a little research- I think the Roku will be the better fit for me. 

  • Loving this chic gold watch that's apart of the Nordstrom Sale! If you need a new watch, it's a classic piece that will last for years to come.
  • I'm normally more into colorful dresses for summer instead of black ones, but this fun LBD has me sold!
  • I've kept my makeup brushes in little separate vases for the past few years- but I really like this brush organizer!
  • Speaking of bathroom organization things- I'm considering doing a flamingo theme in the bathroom of my new apartment. This shower curtain would be a must!
  • I saw this maxi dress in-store over the weekend and it's way cuter in person!

Currently reading: Perfecting Kate by Tamara Leigh. A Christian chick lit book that I actually bought from a local used bookstore- not a library book like usual!

Recipe of the week: Chicken and Rice from America's Test Kitchen cookbook. An easy comfort meal that also makes great leftovers!

Song of the week: Around the World (La La La) by ATC. This song was my FAVORITE when I was in first grade! Funny story: I used to roller blade around my basement growing up, and I'd play the radio on my boom box and wait for this song to come on. 😂 Just re-found it this week via Spotify and it's still such a fun song!

Favorite blog posts of the week:
  • Heather Bien - Really enjoyed this post from Heather on her reasoning for starting a private and personal Instagram account, separate for the one she uses for blogging! I had a lot of the same thoughts about it when I started my private account a few years ago.
  • Whimsy in Her Wardrobe - Jordyn shared a beautiful and personal post about her parents' marriage that I just adored and related to very deeply.
  • Caralina Style - Cara came to visit me last month, and she recapped our fun weekend together on her blog!

On the blog this week:

     I have a special and very personal blog post coming on Friday- hope that you'll stop by to check it out!

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese



  1. The early 2000s dance party sounds like SO much fun. I need to go to or have a party with that theme. I hope you have so much fun visiting Maine and get some time to relax! Thank you so much for featuring my post about my parents, you are so sweet <3

  2. An early 2000's dancy party is so fun! My pilates instructor did that theme for a class and I could hardly contain my happiness haha! Love that you share what book you're reading and a good recipe. I was so sad to hear about Charmin Charlies too!! :(

    Juliana Grace |

  3. I am soooo sad about Charming Charlie. I hope you have so much fun in Maine and cannot wait to read your Friday blog post.

  4. EARLY 2000S DANCE PARTY?! sign me up!!!

  5. Yessssss to new Norts! They are forever my favorite haha.

    Nicole of What Nicole Wore


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