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March 11, 2019

NYFW 2019: Colorful NYC Mural + Would I Go To NYFW Again Soon?

     Finishing my final outfit post from last month's New York trip on a very colorful note! Sharing my last outfit with you today, as well as my thoughts on if I'm going to Fashion Week again soon.

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     Gentry and I did a ton of walking while in New York for Fashion Week, and on one of our many walks (it's actually escaping my memory now where we were walking to when we saw this!), we passed this beautiful striped mural! It was on the corner of 8th Avenue and West 51st Street. We didn't have time to stop in the moment for pictures, but we returned later on to take our own pictures here! Since the colors of the mural were so beautiful and bright, I wanted to wear a solid colored outfit so that it would really pop against the background, instead of distracting from it!

     I've had this beautiful navy wrap dress from Chicwish for a couple months, but I had been saving it for NYFW! I wore it for these photos, and also to the Fashion Mingle party, which we attended as our final event before leaving the next day. This dress is gorgeous! It's definitely more of a winter style between the dark color and the velvet fabric, but I'm already looking forward to wearing it later this year as the holiday season begins. 

     I also wanted to take this blog post to answer a question that I've been getting a lot since coming back from Fashion Week. A lot of friends have been asking if Fashion Week exceeded my expecations? (YES!) I've also been getting asked a lot if I love visiting New York (YES!) Then the next question is always "Will you be going back for NYFW in September or next February?" My answer is... nope! 😉 Don't worry though, I have a longer explanation for the no on that!

     Fashion Week was so incredible to experience, and Gentry and I both had wonderful time (we were both first timers!). There was nothing really that went wrong on our trip. If anything- all of the NYFW events we went to exceeded our expectations! With all of that said... NYFW is expensive to attend. Not Fashion Week so much itself... just being in New York! NYC is just crazy expensive- uber or taxi fares and meals alone can add up so quickly. It was very worth it to go this time, but I'm not sure I can justify spending that much money on this again within the next year. I do love visiting NYC, but I've been there more times than I can count. My dad is from Long Island, so I grew up visiting that area as well as Manhattan. My family doesn't get to New York as frequently anymore, but we've still been going ever three-four years since I was in high school. NYC is great- but there are so many other places I'd rather be traveling to (that I haven't been to before) in the next year- both here in the US and internationally! And finally- since I'm not a full time blogger and I do have a day job, I have limited PTO next year. Now that I've already used a few days for NYFW, I'm ready to use the rest of mine for this year on other trips. Plus, the next time I go to New York City I'd rather go at the holidays, as I haven't done the Christmas stuff there since I was in middle school!

    With all of that said, I would love to go to another NYFW someday, especially if my blog continues to grow! But I don't see that happening for at least two years, maybe more!

     If you'd like to catch up on all of my previous NYFW blog posts (there's a lot of them)- you can just click the NYFW label on my blog. 😊 Can't believe I'm finally finished my recaps- it definitely was an amazing trip and experience!

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     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese 



  1. It was a fun experience, sounds like. And although I w never visited NYC I imagine it’s a very expensive city to stay in. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.

  2. Seems like a "do it once" kind of experience!

  3. love the fun pops of colors for a mural. NY has so many good murals.

  4. I love that you got real about the fact that doing amazing things such as visiting NYFW has its downsides, even if the actual events go well, because travelling and trying new things IS expensive AND it can be exhausting to do so much at once, too. So glad to hear you did enjoy yourself though ☺️

  5. That mural is so fun! I am heading to NYFW for the second time in September and I am so excited to be going back!

  6. I grew up in NY. I don’t live there anymore but I still get sticker shock when I visit family. NYFW looks so fun and you look gorgeous!

  7. You look sooo lovely and I love that wall. I am so glad to hear you had a blast, but I can totally see what you mean about it being soooo expensive. The taxis and Ubers were sooo expensive when we went last year. I do want to go to NYFW someday though.

  8. I LOVE this dress on you! And, I totally get what you mean about not being able to attend NYFW year after year, especially with a full-time job.. it sometimes feels like a waste of our time off, right? Looked like an amazing trip though, so at least it'll hold you over for a couple years!


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