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March 5, 2019

My Daily Makeup Routine!

    This blog post has been a long time coming... as in I should've posted something like this years ago! Better late than never, right? Today I'm sharing my daily makeup routine, which is what I do for work everyday, and church on Sundays. My Tuesday blog post series for March focuses on different types of routines, and I thought this would be a fun one to start with, since it's been so requested over the years! I apologize in advance for the million photos in this post, but I wanted to really show the detail of how I apply everything.

    This routine takes me 15 minutes to do each morning. It's definitely a little bit longer than a very basic five minute face routine (with just essentials like concealer and mascara) - but I feel my best each day if I spend a little extra time on my makeup in the mornings! I usually start doing my makeup at 3:45 am before work- if I'm able to do this that early in the day, I promise it's not that hard! 🙂                                                             
Photography by Kate Greer

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     The first thing I do when I wake up is tie up my hair, wash my face, and then put on my day cream and eye cream. Then it's time to begin makeup! If I am curling or straightening my hair that day, I always do it after makeup. First I curl my eyelashes! This is just a very basic eyelash curler from the drugstore that I've had for many years, but I have heard that heated lash curlers are awesome.

     Here's me with zero makeup on! While I do wear makeup most days of the week and genuinely love it, I'm also pretty confident overall in a bare face. (Although I am very self-conscious about my eyebrows- this is them before pencil/gel, which I don't often show on the blog!)

     Next it's time to apply eye shadow primer. If I can only stress one thing enough to you in this post... USE PRIMER!! I use eye shadow primer, mascara primer and face primer each and everyday that I wear eye shadow and foundation. I swear using both of these things is what causes my makeup to last so long throughout the day! My favorite eye shadow primer is by Mally (not sure if it's still made), but I'm currently using this one by Mary Kay. (Urban Decay also makes a very popular eye shadow primer that I've tried before.)

     Next it's eye shadow time- one of my favorite parts of my daily routine! I always apply eye makeup before face makeup, so that way if I mess up my eyes at all, I can clean them up after and not disrupt any makeup on my face. I know that a lot of women don't bother with eye shadow for quick everyday looks, but it's an absolute must for me and always has been! I love playing around with eye shadow looks for everyday and glam special occasion looks.
     I love eye shadow palettes, but I also get overwhelmed when I own too many of them at once (plus I think that can kind of wasteful, as shadows are only good for a couple years). I currently own three, which I think is a great amount! For this look, I decided to use my Too Faced Chocolate Gold palette. This one has a great mix of neutral shadows for every day, and some really fun colors that are great for fancier looks!

     I always put a light eyeshadow shade on the majority of my eyelid, and the inner corner. I then apply a medium matte shade to the brow bone (to add depth), and I finish my every day eyeshadow look with a medium shimmery shade in the crease! I use three brushes- one for the eyelid, one for the brow bone, and a special crease blending brush. It might sound complicated to blend a few different shadow colors each day, but I promise it's not!

    Here's the finished eye look before liner and mascara!

     Next up- eyeliner! I love eyeliner- almost as much as I love eye shadow! When I first started wearing makeup everyday (senior year of high school), I only used eyeliner pencils. I always found them hard to use on eyelids though- it was hard for me to get the skinny and perfect lines that I desired. I tried true liquid liners as well, but found those hard as well. It think it was my sophomore year of college that I first discovered liquid ink eyeliner pens. LIFE CHANGED! Seriously. Pens like these last so well on your eyelid, and are so easy to use. They make cat eyes a breeze to do as well. I've only ever used black eyeliner pens, but this spring I actually want to try a brown one, I feel like that might be a lighter look for summer makeup.
     In college I did cat eyes for my everyday makeup look, but over the past year I've started thinking that looks a little heavy for the workplace or church. So now I usually just apply my liquid eyeliner pen in a very thin line across my lid, but I don't do cat eyes for everyday now. I do love a smoky eye with cat eyes for a dressier look though!

    I am using the IT Cosmetics Superhero Liner for this tutorial! This is a great liquid pencil eyeliner. Typically I purchase this one from L'Oreal (which also works great!), but I received this IT Cosmetics one in a PR package last year, and I've been extremely impressed with it. As I mentioned above, I do want to try a brown liquid pencil this year- but sadly the IT Cosmetics one doesn't currently come in other colors.

     Now that eye shadow and liner are on, it's time to start mascara! True story: it's been years since I've used just one mascara for every day. I wear two-three mascaras each day... the bolder my lashes look, the better! I love the look of false eyelashes or extensions, but it's not great to wear falsies regularly, and I have no interest in getting extensions. So multiple mascaras to the rescue!

     My first mascara is always the L'Oreal Voluminous Superstar Mascara. First it's time to prime the lashes (see my theme with loving primers?), and I love how this product includes primer and mascara. I first apply the primer to both lashes, and then a coat of this mascara. While this mascara is great for length since it contains fibers, it's not the best for volume, which is why I use one or two other mascaras after. .

     Before L'Oreal came out with this mascara, I used to use the Double Extend (in the red tube), which also contains a primer.

     Next I put on a thickening and volumizing mascara! For years, I've been a huge fan of the drugstore brand essence for their volumizing mascaras. essence is a European brand, and is sold at Ulta and Target! My absolute favorite is the I Love Extreme Crazy Volume. For these pictures, I'm using that mascara in waterproof, but typically I buy the non-waterproof in the pink tube!
    After I shot the photos for this tutorial (which was a couple months ago), I started using the L'Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise mascara as the second mascara in my daily routine. This mascara is so amazing that I typically don't use a third one anymore! With that said, I still do like the essence I Love Extreme Crazy Volume as well.


    Another mascara that I like for volume is the IT Cosmetics Superhero. For this tutorial, I wore the three mascaras pictured above!

    Now that the upper eyes are done, I start on face makeup! I apply concealer first. I apply it under my eyes, and also on any red spots on my face. As you can see in these photos, I had a zit right under my nose, so I definitely put concealer there! I've always been lucky in that I've never suffered badly with facial acne, but occasionally I do get a bad zit on my face.

    I did a few sponsored collaborations for Neutrogena last year, and through that I grew to really like their concealers! I was using this one at the time of these photos, and I'm currently using this one (also Neutrogena).

     Next it's time to... wait for it... PRIME! I told y'all that I love primers. After concealer, I apply my face primer. I do like this one from Neutrogena, but for the last few months I've been using the Sephora Beauty Amplifier After Glow Primer and Luminizer. It is not only a great primer, but truly leaves your skin glowing. On days when I just do a five minute face, I just apply this instead of foundation!

    Next it's time for foundation! I've never gotten into Beauty Blenders, and I always have applied mine with a foundation brush. I currently love one from IT Cosmetics.

     At the time these photos were taken, I had just purchased this Clinique foundation that I was trying out. After using it for awhile, I realized I'm really not a fan of it. If you like a super light coverage foundation I'd recommend it, but I prefer a heavier and full coverage look for everyday.
     In the past, I've really liked IT Cosmetics CC cream and IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Compact for everyday foundation. My latest foundation discovery though is the Wet n' Wild Photo Focus Foundation! It's super affordable, and provides great coverage.
     (Makeup Forever HD Foundation was my favorite for long-wear, special events and photoshoots although I've really been wanting to try the Estee Lauder Double Wear!)

     After foundation, I do my eyebrows. I've always been very self-conscious over the eyebrows, and even on days that I go out with no other makeup on, I still do my brows. I have never waxed, threaded or micro-bladed my brows. They are naturally pretty thick and long, they just look really unruly and weirdly shaped if I don't assist them.

     I SWEAR by essence eyebrow pencils and their Make Me Brow gel. I used to use a Benefit eyebrow gel in college that seriously cost me $25 a tube. This one is a fraction of the price and works just as well! These two items are holy grail beauty products for me. I first brush out my brows, then I fill in needed parts with pencil, and then I apply the Make Me Brow gel all over, and lastly I shape them with my fingers.

     If you're only interested in buying one thing after reading this post... I can't recommend these eyebrow products enough!! I would be so sad if essence ever stopped making these.

     Next- it's time to start contouring! I do a light contour to shape my face a little bit with every day makeup. I apply bronzer to three parts of my face: outer cheeks, bottom of my chin, and top of forehead. (For heavier makeup I'll apply it darker and in more places, but this is perfect for regular makeup.)

    Above is a good picture to show where I apply bronzer to! For the past couple years I've been obsessed with Becca bronzers. They're perfectly pigmented and easy to apply! I do have a couple of Urban Decay bronzers as well that I also think are great quality. Bronzer is one thing that I always stick to prestige makeup brands for. With most other things, I love finding drugstore dupes, but I've never found a drugstore equivalent for Becca or Urban Decay bronzers.

    Next I use a fluffy brush to blend out my bronzer! Super important step- as my face would look very weird if I forgot to do that, haha!

    Once bronzer is applied, it's time to highlight. For the past year, I've been obsessed with this highlighter stick from Avon. It provides the perfect amount of subtle shimmer for every day wear! I also love Becca highlighters, but I save the ones that I own for special occasion makeup or photoshoots only.

     I apply highlighter to the middle top of my forehead (in the center of where I applied bronzer), under my eyes on top of concealer, and on top of my nose and the area between nose and lips. I then blend it out with a brush!

     Next it's time for blush! I've never been particularly loyal to one blush brand, and I've used both drugstore and prestige brands. I've been using this Neutrogena Healthy Skin blush for awhile, and I like it!

     I love a nice rosy glow from blush, but I also don't like too much pink on my cheeks, so blending is of course essential here.

    Next it's time to finish eye makeup! Upper eyes are the first part of my makeup routine, but one of the last things I do are my under eyes. Some days I apply an eyeliner pencil to my waterline, but not every day. Kind of depends what I feel like! I don't use my liquid liner on the under eyes- I use an actual pencil. I like these from Urban Decay. I think apply one coat of mascara to the lower lashes, usually whichever volumizing mascara I'm using at that time (I don't put lash primer on the lower lashes).

    Finally- lips! Get this. I love lip products, but historically I haven't good at remembering to wear them on weekdays. Lately I've been trying to be better about wearing lip color, and I rotate out some fun colors in my work bag each week. My go-to lip duo for every day makeup though are these products from IT Cosmetics: the Je Ne Sais Quoi Lip Treatment (really a tinted balm), and the Vitality Lip Flush Hydrating Gloss Stain. Paired together, these two products are super moisturizing, and give your lips a perfect, natural pink color! While I do wear fun lip colors some weekdays, these two products are always in my work bag to wear if needed.

     Look how much of a difference that made on my lips! Love these products. I actually don't apply these at home when I'm getting ready though. I get to work about 10 minutes before 5:00 each morning, and the first thing that I do is sip tea at my desk. I always do my lipstick of the day at my desk (I have a makeup mirror at work) after finishing tea!

    Finally- I apply setting powder all over my face! I use this setting powder from Lawless, and I love it. It's also a super clean beauty product! It is a pricier item- but it lasts forever. I purchased mine during a Black Friday sale on the Lawless website, and even though I've been using it for months now, it looks barely used.

     And there you have it- my every day makeup routine! Delilah wanted to jump in for a few photos of the finished product. Please let me know if you have any questions, or if you would like me to do more beauty tutorials like this in the future!!

God Bless,

xoxo Annaliese



  1. Your trick about setting powder changed the game for me! I loved learning more about your (flawless) makeup routine!

  2. First of all, I need to get that gorgeous Too Faced palette! Second, I’ve NEVER thought to do my face AFTER my eyes, but it makes so much sense!! I’ll have to try that! Lastly, I’ve tried a bunch of brown liquid pencils and Maybelline Master Precise is my fave! It’s dark brown but less harsh than black.

  3. eek i LOVE this my friend- that too faced palette has been on my wish list for a bit so i may need to go and get it now ha. you've got some great tips as well- i had no idea ito do my eyes AFTER my face ha.

  4. I've always done my eyes first before my face. I need to try and reverse it. You look glowing by the way!

  5. I have never been able to do black eyeliner as it looks to harsh on me. My favorites are typically charcoal gray (which looks black on me) or navy. I don't wear make-up as much as I used to but I am likely to start back.

  6. Okay first off you're gorgeous! I loved seeing your makeup routine. That eye shadow palette is so pretty, I think I need it. Also, I agree eyeliner is amazing.

  7. That seems like a pretty simple routine! Those are my favorite since I have little time!

  8. You do a lot more than what I do. I just put on foundation, another foundation, powder, blush, and then eyeshadow. I am cursed with mascara as I will cry after I put it on.

  9. You are such a babe with and without makeup! I love that shadow palette and need to try the IT Cosmetics Superhero one. I've heard great things about it

  10. Yes to the Essence mascara! I was really hesitant to try it because it's so cheap- I thought it would be terrible, but now it's the only one I'll use! Never tried the waterproof one though.

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  12. This is so pretty! I LOVE your lip color.


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