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March 19, 2019

My Current Daily Routine.

     I always love reading daily routine or "day in my life" posts from other bloggers, so I thought sharing my own current weekday schedule would be a fun way to wrap up my March Tuesday blog post series on routines! Since I became a morning radio host at the end of last year, my weekday routine as changed a lot. I realize that I don't have a normal schedule at all, but I think now that I'm a few months into it I'm pretty settled and able to make the most of it!

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    My afternoon and evening schedules (after work) do vary a little between the different weekdays- but I decided to document last Wednesday, March 13th, for this post!

     3:30- My alarm goes off! If I've stayed up later than normal the night before, sometimes I let myself "sleep in" until 3:45, but most days my alarm goes off at 3:30. I like to lie in bed for 15-20 minutes and be on my phone- this is when I check texts that were sent to me after I fell asleep, as well as emails and Twitter.

     3:52- This morning I stayed in bed for 22 minutes. Some days it's just so hard to get up! The first thing I do when I get to my bathroom is let Delilah in so she can watch me get ready- she wakes up when my alarm goes off. I then wash my face, moisturize, and start on my makeup.

     4:11- Finished doing my makeup! (I shared my daily makeup routine a couple weeks ago if you're interested.) Time to get dressed and start on my hair. I lay out my clothes in the bathroom every night before work to save me time in the morning.

     4:24- Time to make my bed. I make my bed every single day before work, and this is also when I read a quick morning devotional.

     4:27- I head to the kitchen to eat breakfast, and prepare my snacks for work that day. I also feed Delilah breakfast.

     4:47- I leave for work!

     5:15- My work day begins. I spend the first 10 or so minutes of my work day sipping my tea in a travel mug from home, and checking Instagram at my desk (I don't go on Instagram right when I wake up, as it can slow me down from getting ready). Before I go into the studio, I skim some entertainment and news websites to see what stories broke over the night before.

     5:20- I head to the studio, and pre-record that day's weather for my midday show on my company's country station. I work full-time as a morning radio host for Z 95.1, but I still do a pre-recorded midday show (10-2) on C-Ville Country 92.7. I record the show itself the day before, but I wait until that morning to record the weather forecasts so it's more current.

     6:02- First live talk break for the morning show! (Our morning show starts playing at 5 am, but Marc and I take turns pre-recording that hour the day before.) Time to get to work!

     7:51- We've just finished playing Impossible Trivia, our daily morning show game that begins at 7:35 each day. This game was started by the previous morning show host before Marc and I, and it's very popular- we get a lot of calls each day for it, so it's the craziest part of my job.

     8:31- Marc and I start pre-recording our 9 am hour in between our live talk breaks. Our morning show is live for the 6, 7 and 8 am hours, and pre-recorded for the 5 and 9 am hours.

     9:30- Marc and I discuss discussion topic ideas for the next day's show, and prepare to meet with our boss to go over that day's show (we usually meet with him near 10 am).

     10:20-Snack break time! I rarely eat a full lunch at work since my day starts so early, but I always have to have a late morning healthy snack. Today I had raspberries, a sugar free peanut butter snack bar, and a couple of cheese sticks.

     10:40: I start pre-recording the 5 am hour for the next day's morning show, as well as my midday country show for the next day!

     11:30- Production time! This is the time of day when I work on commercials. Today I only have one to produce. I record it, select music for it, mix the voice and music files together, and then upload the mp3 for our sales team to approve it. It's not too bad when I just have one to do, but it can get stressful if I'm assigned several commercials in a day.

     12:10- I leave work! Between M-W, I can usually leave work before 12:30. On Thursdays and Fridays, I generally work an hour or two later, since I have to do extra pre-recorded shows for the weekend ahead. I feel like a lot of jobs have tough starts to the week, and then a lighter load by Friday. Radio is opposite!

     12:45- Home from work! I start heating up lunch (leftovers from dinner last night), and say hi to Delilah. I like to eat lunch while catching up on a TV show, or watching something on Netflix. Today I pick Netflix- I watch a a couple episodes of Friends (I'm in season 7). After lunch, I always take my Work OOTD picture for Instagram Stories.

     2:30- Time to get to work again... on my blog! I set up at my desk and start tackling some blog work. Mondays are usually my busiest day of the week for blogging work, but there is always work to be done every weekday.

     4:10- I close my laptop and get ready to head to the gym! Today I'm doing a 4:30 BodyPump class.

     5:30- BodyPump finishes, and my mom calls me, so I sit outside the gym to catch up with her.

     6:05-Family dinner! Back in December, my girlfriends and I started a tradition of having dinner together on Wednesday nights. We rotate each week who hosts. This week, my friend Abigail is hosting! The host makes the dinner, and everyone who comes brings sides, dessert and wine. This time it's my week to bring dessert. I didn't have time to bake something from scratch, so I bring Pillsbury Orange Rolls.

     7:15- I leave Family Dinner. I always wish that I could stay later, but with my work schedule I can't stay out very late on weeknights.

     8:15- I get into bed! I end every night by reading a chapter or two of a book, followed by my evening devotional. I try to be in bed at 8:15,and have lights out on work nights between 8:30-8:45.

     And there you have it- my daily routine! My afternoons vary a little day to day, but this is my general weekday schedule. My days definitely start early, but I try to make them as productive as possible!

     For next month's Tuesday blog post series, I'm planning to do a series of new travel guides! I just can't decide if I should do Charlottesville (where I live), or Charlotte, NC- where I used to live! Let me know which city you'd rather read travel guides for next month,

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese



  1. I thought I got up early... 3:30 am- you're my hero! You definitely make the most of your days and it's fun to get a peek into your schedule!

  2. This is such a great post idea! I love reading these kind of posts too. This is really helpful, since I am struggling to get back into my routine. You definitely have a busy routine. My hubby has early mornings like you too. I need to get better about being a morning person. I feel so much more productive when I wakeup and go to bed early.

  3. I love day in the lifes too! It's always fascinating to see what other people's lives look like. Your life is no exception! It's amazing that you get up so early, but I imagine it feels totally worth it when you are off work by lunch time. So cool! Radio sounds like such an interesting job!

  4. "A Day in the Life" posts are my favorites! Thanks for sharing! Tell us about the "Impossible Trivia" game! Also, will you explain more about how you pre-record radio shows? I mean, is it like just saying little tidbits and introducing a song vs having a regular show like the morning show? What about live news and stuff? It's all so interesting to me!

  5. I am so fascinated by other peoples schedules and routines, and yours takes the cake! What a fun and exciting job!

    Sarah Lillian |

  6. Love! I get up then too! And I do it by choice, haha!


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