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March 6, 2019

Midweek Ramblings.

{Signs of spring in Charlottesville, even though the weather is still freezing! Follow me on social media @miss_alk}

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  • Moving prep: My current apartment lease ends at the end of summer, and I'm 99% sure I'll be MOVING! Don't worry- not out of Charlottesville though. 😊My rent will be increasing a bit if I were to re-sign a lease in my current place, so I've started looking around at other apartments in Charlottesville. I'm also planning to move back in with a roommate or roommates (after what will be two and a half years of living alone when this current lease ends). While it will be a big change in my living situation coming at the end of summer, I'm also excited for what's ahead, and thankful that I've started looking at other apartments really early, to make it as stress-free as possible! I'm sure I'll do a longer blog post on this once it gets closer to moving time. 
  • Best Easter decorations ever: This is hands-down the best thing I found online this week! Interior designer Jennifer Houghton of Turtle Creek Lane goes all out with Easter decorations in her family's beautiful home! Southern Living made a video about her gorgeous decor style that I absolutely adored watching. I just put up a few Easter decorations in my place- I hope someday I can do some over-the-top decor for my favorite holiday too! 
  • Stuck train: Did you hear about this news story from last week? Passengers and crew on an Amtrak train going from Washington state to California were stranded for almost two days in rural Oregon after serious snow blocked the train from continuing on. How terrifying for them! Thankfully the train was finally able to start moving again and everyone was accounted for safely, but I'm just shocked that a news story like this didn't make bigger national news last week? I just think it's odd that the Kardashian drama made bigger national news than something serious like this- but I'm so glad everyone who was on board is okay! Hopefully Amtrak can do something serious to compensate the passengers and crew. 

Weekend recaps:
  • Last weekend: Nothing too exciting happened, but I felt very productive at the end of it! I got my grocery shopping done early and out of the way on Friday afternoon (might have to keep doing that instead of Sunday evenings!). On Saturday I went to barre class, toured a few apartments, and then I had a few friends and my radio co-host Marc over on Saturday night for fondue. On Sunday I went to church, got another workout in at the gym, and then spent the afternoon at the library with a friend, prepping blog posts for the week ahead. 
  • This weekend: Headed out of town for a girls' trip with seven friends from Charlottesville, and I am so excited about it!! I also took next Monday off of work to rest and recoup after getting back Sunday night, which will be much needed I'm sure.

Purchases: Another week of just buying gifts! This spring I have a lot of birthdays, as well as some showers to buy for.  


Recipe of the week: German Cheddar and Beer Fondue from Rachael Ray. I made this on Saturday night for my friends, and it was great!! I've made straight cheddar fondue before, but since this one used two types of cheese, I think it was even better. Plus- I trust any recipe of Rachael Ray! 😊

Song of the week: Inima Nebuna by DJ Project ft. Mira. Y'all know that outside of my day job in radio, I actually listen to a lot of international music in my free time! Eastern European pop is my favorite, and thanks to Spotify I just recently discovered Romanian group DJ Project. This new song of theirs featuring Mira (another Romanian artist) is really good! 

Favorite blog posts of the week:
  • Olivia Rink - Olivia shared a very heartfelt post called "Confessions of a Workaholic," and I felt like I could relate so much to it! 
  • Brighton The Day - Bright talked about productive things to do on Sunday afternoons to set yourself up for a productive week- I definitely tried a couple this weekend. 
  • Extra Petite - Jean styled two classic and chic business casual looks with tights- perfect for the winter/spring transition season. 

On the blog this week:

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese 


  1. Ahh this photo is gorgeous. So ready for spring. What a run recap. Enjoy your weekend with your friends. That sounds amazing! Xo- Courtney

  2. Good luck with the move! Moving can be quite daunting - I did it around 50 times as a kid - so it's something I'm hoping to put off as long as possible, but it IS always exciting to move to a new place and experiment with decorating all over again 😊

  3. I am more than ready for spring! I hope you have a fun girls trip!

  4. Yay for moving! It’s always a mix of fun and stressful but I think it’s exciting lol. And yeah the Amtrak thing was crazy!! Also, have so much fun on your girls trip! Those are my favorite kind of weekends. :)

  5. Fun recap of the week! I like reading these kinds of posts. Sounds like lots going on in your life!

  6. OMG looove that skirt! I have scalloped shorts, but no scalloped skirts, this would be perfect!


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