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May 16, 2018

Midweek Ramblings + Recent Purchases + Current Wishlist.

{Snapshot from this weekend hiking off the Blue Ridge Parkway! Follow me on social media @miss_alk}

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  • Taste of Monticello Wine Trail Festival: What a fun weekend I had! On Saturday afternoon, I went to the Taste of Monticello Wine Trail Festival in Downtown Charlottesville with Alicia. What a fun local event! I had heard about this wine festival from some of my coworkers but had no idea what to expect. It was quite a production! Hundreds of people attended, and 27 local Central Virginia wineries were in attendance, offering tastings of their best wines. I visited my first Virginia wineries last month, and it's my goal to eventually visit all 30+ on the Monticello Wine Trail, so this festival was a great way for me to see which wineries offer which types of wines, and where they're located. 
  • Hiking Adventures: Before the wine festival, I also went hiking on Saturday morning with my boss and his wife! They took me to a trail that they enjoy called Humpback Rocks that is right off the Blue Ridge Parkway, about 30 mins from Charlottesville. The trail was pretty steep but the views were UNBELIEVABLE and so worth it!! You can see some of the views pictured above. This was my first ride on the Parkway since moving and I can't wait to explore more of this amazing roadway in months to come.
  • Key Fobs... Not Necessary? Boring adult rambling of the week: I drive an older vehicle, and the fun of driving an older vehicles is that surprise problems do arise from time to time. In January, my car's key fob stopped working. I brought it to a battery shop in Vermont to have the batteries changed, but it ended up not being a battery issue, and I needed a new one to be ordered and computerized to my car. With job applications and then moving this kept getting put off, but anyways- I finally had this fixed last week! It ended up being more expensive than I thought... and since for the past five months I haven't had a working key fob... part of me is wondering if I should have just left it without one and saved some money? I have totally gotten used to unlocking my car the old fashioned way with the key- haha! Ah well- cheers to a new key fob I guess.
  • 1001 in 101: I have loved seeing other bloggers do the popular 1001 in 101 bucket list and have always wanted to make one for myself! I thought the best time to start one would be post-grad, once I felt a bit settled in where I lived and my career, so that way I had the most chance for success to complete the items. I am finally feeling like here in Virginia might be the place to do this, so I'm thinking this summer of putting together one of these bucket lists finally! Eeeek! Have you done an 1001 in 101 before, and if so, was it successful?


  • I needed a new clothing rack for this apartment, so I picked one up this week! The last one that I had got me through college and my first two apartments- it had a long life for the use it got, but didn't survive the move. Time for a new one so that I can finally really organize my closet and clothes!
  • I was so excited to find out I was one of the winners for a big giveaway that Haley from Alyson Haley did on her blog for Baublebar gift cards a few weeks ago. I wanted to wait to use my certificate until they had a sale, and they did this week! It's still going on today- use code SUMMER30 to save 30% off your purchase of 3+ items! (20% off one item with SUMMER20!) The first thing I bought was this cute ring- it will match so many things I have! 
  • I also purchased this bracelet set. I love them all individually, and they'd also look great worn together as a set, and mixed and matched with other bracelets I own! 
  • And finally- these adorable statement earrings. This was simple a "fun" purchase- but over the last couple months I've been pretty good about curbing my impulsive fun spending, so I figured I deserved to treat myself this week! They will brighten summer outfits.

  • A cute summery floral dress- perfect for how warm it has been in Charlottesville lately! 
  • My Charlotte blogger bestie Cara has started selling monogrammed straw bags on Etsy- these are adorable for the summer season!
  • These earrings are stunning and I'm thinking about ordering them for a wedding I'm attending this summer.
  • What a cute little floral romper this is! This would be just darling for a Girls' Night Out or vacation!
  • This bold skirt would be so cute with a white crop top and fun heels for dinner or date night.

Recipe of the week: Tuna Potato Patties from Don't Go Bacon My Heart. This is a fairly easy and very creative pantry recipe that makes a tasty dinner, and these would also make a good side dish for brunch or a big luncheon. I had one of my neighbors/new friends over for dinner one evening last week and made these- I was a little nervous to try a new Pinterest recipe with someone coming for dinner since they can always be hit or missed, but this was a hit! 

Song of the week: Everyday by Marshmello ft. Logic. Minus the 1-800 song (which had A LOT of radio airplay last year when I worked in Top 40 radio), I actually haven't been too familiar with Logic's other music. Such a shame- he is really talented!! This is one of his newest songs in collab with Marshmello and it's been happily stuck in my head all week! I've also been checking out some of his other music on Spotify. (Anyone else super sad that Logic and his wife are going through a divorce? I thought they were the cutest couple!)

On the blog this week:

     Thanks as always for reading!! I am a bit sleepy on this Wednesday as yesterday morning I filled in on my station's morning show! I absolutely love morning radio and hope to do it myself someday for my main job- but it can be weird for my schedule to fill in on the show one day randomly / have to wake up at 4 am when I'm not used to that most other weekdays with my current job schedule. So today I fight off the Zzzz's! 

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese 



  1. Ooooh that garment rack looks legit! I finally caved and bought one from Target for organizing blog shoots and it has been a real game changer haha.

  2. The key fob in my car hasn't worked in MONTHS. I haven't bothered to have it fixed!

  3. I need a garment rack! That floral dress is perfect for the warm weather here also.

  4. I adore those bracelets and earrings that you picked up! I hardly ever bother with accessories anymore, but they're always the first thing I notice on others - plus, I have so many great pieces - so I should really start wearing them again!

  5. haha cheers to your key fob lol! I need a new clothing rack too actually!

  6. Oh my goodness, there are so many goodies here! Hiking...yes please. Tuna patties...yes please! Statement earrings...major yes please!

  7. That view is just amazing! Gavin and I love going on hikes whenever we get the chance.

  8. Yaay Congrats on winning the giveaway, thats always awesome!!! And I'm loving all of your Floral picks!! So Fun!

  9. OMG i just bought a new clothing rack too! lol I'm loving this series!

  10. Oooh can't wait to see your 101 in 1001- it's such a fun way to be accountable to get new items and activities done!



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