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May 8, 2018

Grocery Store Wars: Kroger.

     Welcome back to Southern Belle in Training's Grocery Store Wars! This is the new blog post series where I'm discovering all of the grocery store chains in my new home state- some that I've been previously familiar with, and some that totally new to me. Why am I doing this? Well, mainly because I love grocery shopping, and I'm always looking for new and creative types of content to write about on the blog. 😊I hope these posts will inspire you to check out more types of grocery stores in your city, and when you travel!

     I did a poll in my Instagram Stories last week about which grocery store chain to do next... I'm not doing a store featured in the poll this week! (Food Lion or Giant will be next, I promise!) Time to talk about the LARGEST grocery chain in the country, Kroger:

Grocery Store Wars: Kroger

     Kroger - Fast Facts

     *History and Locations: Founded in 1883 in Cincinnati, OH. Currently operating over 2,800 stores (!!!) in 35 states under two dozen banner names. (Stores with Kroger name located in Alabama, Arkansas, California, Delaware, Georgia, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia)

     *Known for: Being the largest supermarket chain in the United States! And having a variety of different store options: in addition to regular Kroger grocery stores and banner grocery stores, they also operate some superstores and jewelry stores in other states. They also have an extensive gas rewards program.

     *Rewards program: Kroger Plus Card program. Signing up includes your access into their fuel perks gas program. Kroger Plus Card accepted at most Kroger banner stores, however Harris Teeter has their own rewards card program.

     *My prior knowledge: I first visited Kroger a few months ago- on my winter trips to Kentucky and Indiana! Before that, I'd never been before. In researching this post, I learned that both NC and SC have Kroger stores, however I never personally was in a part of either of these states that have Kroger. (The Charlotte area is dominated by Harris Teeter.) The Indiana Kroger that I went to this winter was one of their superstores- it was HUGE! It seemed like a cool grocery store so I was excited to learn Charlottesville had a few Krogers.

     *Word on the street: Friends that I have in other states where Kroger is very popular are VERY loyal to Kroger! I'd heard only good things about it in past years. In Charlottesville specifically, I haven't met too many people that shop here exclusively (a lot of Wegman's and Harris Teeter fans here in Cville), but I have met a couple people here that prefer Kroger.

     Kroger - My Shopping Experience 

     I had run into Kroger to pick up one or two items during the week a few times since moving here, but I actually did my full groceries for the week at Kroger only once- for writing this blog post! I've been into two out of the three Krogers in Charlottesville. I found both stores to be larger than they looked from the outside, and pretty well stocked. I was also impressed by the prices on everyday items that I purchase on most of my weekly grocery trips.

     Here's a look at the produce department! As I've shared... I'm trying to buy more and eat more fruits and vegetables each week, but this definitely isn't something that I eat a ton of right now (I have a picky eater diet much of the time), but I will say that I found the produce prices to be quite affordable from my limited knowledge of buying this. Cilantro bundles (this is an herb that I buy frequently for cooking) were just 50 cents the day that I shopped for this blog post- that's a pretty good deal! Super Walmart for example can have really cheap produce, but often it's not in the best shape. I'm happy to report that most items in the Kroger produce department seemed to be in great shape, and were affordable.

     Now let's talk about the cheese department- something that I of course find very crucial in a grocery store. Kroger's wasn't bad!! In one of the Charlottesville stores, it was located near the bakery and wine section. It wasn't as extensive as other cheese departments that I've seen, but they still had a nice variety of gourmet cheeses to choose from. Their lower cost cheese section (in the dairy department) wasn't bad either, and I purchased a couple bags of shredded cheeses for making quesadillas and pizzas at home this week.

     This Kroger had a well stocked wine aisle, and a neighboring aisle for beer. I noticed many of the wines were marked down and on special!


     The store itself was very clean, well lit, and well stocked!! And pretty big! The Charlottesville Kroger stores are just regular grocery stores, not superstores, but I was still pretty impressed. 

     I tried a few things from the Kroger store brand during my shopping trip- one favorite thing that I picked up was Kroger brand ice cream! It was delicious, and extremely affordable compared to the name brand ice creams. Kroger also had a decently sized section with a couple aisles and a freezer section for organic and natural foods, which was good to see!

     Kroger - Final Thoughts

     I really liked Kroger. I think this might become my regular "everyday" grocery store. I love the fact that they have such an extensive gas rewards program! I have a weird obsession with tracking down the lowest possible gas prices where I live, so if a grocery store offers some sort of a gas rewards program I'm much more likely to shop there! Anyways, I was impressed with Kroger's selection and prices. They don't offer as many speciality items or prepared items as Wegmans (or as fancy of a bakery), but I know that stores like Wegmans, or places like Whole Foods/Trader Joe's are there for those specific grocery needs when I have them! I also like the fact that Kroger is in so many states in the country- if I travel to other places that have them, I'll already be familiar with the store and their products! 

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     Do you have Kroger (or one of their banner stores) near where you live? Have you shopped here before? And last question: for the next Grocery Wars post: do you want to see Giant or Food Lion?? Last time I'll ask, I promise! 

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese 



  1. Kroger is our busiest and largest grocery store in town! I find it really overwhelming so if I do shop there I usually take advantage of their Click List to pick up my groceries. I like their gas perks points program.

  2. Kroger is my favorite!!!! I love their gas perks! That is definitely one of the things I miss about Kentucky!

  3. I shopped at Kroger yesterday and was disappointed. They bought my favorite local store and over the past year they've changed the quality of what used to be. The store wasn't clean even though there was someone at the bottle return trying hard to do something about that disgusting area. Luckily there's a better kept up Kroger not too far. I only wish I had Wegman's in Michigan.

  4. I love Kroger but prefer HEB which is only in Texas. They are the best haha.

  5. What a fun idea for a series! I think I've only been to a Kroger once in my life. It's crazy how many different grocery store brands there are!

  6. You know that when I travel I always love to visit local grocery stores?! I feel like I can understand the culture better looking at the products the store sells!

  7. Ahh I've never been to a Kroger's before! I really should try to find one. I've just never really lived close to one

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  8. i go to kroger for anything i don't find at whole foods, lol. husband is addicted to diet coke!

  9. I adore Kroger! They have the best wine sales :)

    -xo, Azanique |

  10. I’ve never been to Kroger but I’ve heard great things! My favorite grocery near me is Rouse’s!

  11. Gas rewards programs are the BEST. We don't have a Kroger here but I've been to them in VA when I visit my brother/aunt. We have lots of Giants around where I live, if you've never been there you should check it out!

    Kayla |


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