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August 29, 2014

My Main(e) Girls.

     Today's blog post is a bit different, and is a tribute to three ladies who I have already been missing a LOT since coming back to North Carolina. :-) 

      As I mentioned in my last blog post, one of the things that I wanted to do before I left home to go back to school was to do some sort of a photoshoot thing with my three best girlfriends from home. I realized that a.) the four of us had never hung out altogether (more on that in a second), b.) I thought everyone would get along wonderfully, c.) I wanted to take advantage of the fact that when in Maine beach photoshoots are an options and d.) it just seemed like a fun thing to do!!!

     My three best girlfriends from home are Jules, Shara and Katie (Who also blogs!! Visit her corner of the web, Inkspot, here!). But interestingly they are all best friends of mine from different phases of my life at home.

Left to right: Jules, Katie, Shara, yours truly!

     Katie is my best friend from childhood. Something that not all of you might not know is that I was homeschooled for most of my childhood! Katie was as well, and we did a lot of homeschool classes, field trips and other activities together during those years. Unfortunately since we were from different towns we went to different high schools and lost touch during 9th and 10th grade, but thanks to Facebook we were able to recconect near the end of high school and today we are as close as ever! She is one of my few real life friends who shares my love and passion of blogging, and is my favorite person to make duck faces with. ;-)

Throwback picture of us in homeschool Girl Scouts! Katie is rockin' the shades and I am wearing the interesting hat...
One of my short visits home from college last year!

     Jules is my best friend from high school. High school wasn't an easy time for both of us, but my friendship with Jules was probably one of the biggest blessings that came out of my high school experience. She is hands down one of the funniest people I know, and can always make me laugh. One thing that I found especially special was that both of us went through sorority recruitment at our colleges during the same time last year (Jules is an Alpha Xi Delta)!

The night before I left for my freshman year of college

Throwing what we know when Jules came to visit me down South last year!! AXiD and ADPi!

     Shara is my newest friend from home, who I met the summer after my freshman year of college. We met online, sort of through my blog... through blogging I got connected with an online ministry for Christian teen girls and 20 somethings who are bloggers, photographers and artists called Delight and Be. As some of you know Shara is a super talented photographer (who has her own business!) and we connected through Delight, and then met up in person once I got back to Maine after my freshman year ended. Meeting online friends in person can be interesting, but Shara and I clicked so well right from the start! Visiting her is always one of the highlights of my trips home now- she is my favorite person to go on day trips with. :-) And last March she even came to visit me down here in NC!

Doing some pre-Christmas shopping during my trip home last Thanksgiving.

Hiking when Shara visited me in NC!

     So as you can see these three girls are all very special to me, and I value their friendships very much! I went through most of my high school years struggling to find close friendships, and I feel so blessed to finally have found three girls at home that I know will be friends for life. I absolutely LOVE my dear North Carolina college and blogging friends as well and am so thankful for them, but it makes my heart so full knowing that these ladies are truly my main(e) girls!!

     But since I have met all of them through different aspects of my life, they hadn't all met each other before! Katie and Jules got to meet at my high school graudation party a couple years ago and they actually go to the same university in Maine, but since it's a big school (much bigger then my college!) their paths don't cross very often. Earlier in the summer I got to introduce Katie and Shara for the first time and they really hit it off! Shara and Jules have also met because Shara did professional pictures for Jules and her boyfriend for Valentine's Day this past winter! But I figured it was time to get all four of us together.

     Finally after a whole summer of trying to organize something, a night in mid-August was picked when all of us were free between work schedules and summer school schedules! We all decided to meet at Old Orchard Beach, which is one of Maine's few "touristy" beach towns (kind of like a mini Myrtle Beach), as it was a good halfway point for everyone! Ready to see some of the fabulous pictures?!

I got to get behind the camera and practice my DSLR skills! ;-) How gorgeous are my three beautiful friends?!

     I know I said this earlier in the post, but looking back on these pictures again makes me realize how so incredibly blessed I am to have these ladies in my life! And I we all had such a ball at the beach that night. After our pictures we ended up sitting on a bench near the beach and just talking and talking for at least a couple of hours!! I have a feeling these girls might be hanging out without me while I'm back at school this semester. ;-)

     Now for the funny story! You may have noticed that in all of the pictures that I'm in I'm either cropped off at the waist, or in the full body shots I'm standing far away from the camera, wth my right leg angled forward... there is a reason for this....

     Right when we had found our spot on the beach for pictures, I happened to look down at my purse (which isn't pictured for a REASON), and noticed that a seagull had pooped all over my left pant leg and purse!!! Like I'm talking ALL OVER. As a native Mainer I have spent a lot of time at the beach and NEVER had something like this happen to me before- it was the most disgusting thing ever! And I wasn't even wearing a bathing suit so I couldn't go into the water to try and wash it off (it was also kind of chilly that night). But my goodness did we all have a good laugh about that! Jules thank goodness had a wet wipe in her bag so we tried to clean some of it off... but it left major stains on my pants, so that's why I'm angled so weird in some of the far away shots. It definitely made it a night I will never forget. And hey, I wouldn't have wanted to share that experience with anyone else so...?

     Have any of you ever done a fun photoshoot with your girlfriends? Or gotten pooped on by a seagull? ;-)

     xoxo Miss ALK


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