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August 25, 2014

Sorority Recruitment: my fashion tips and ideas!


     Today is my first day back to school! I wish I could share a cute first day OOTD with y'all but my first class this year was tennis (everyone at my college needs a gym credit) so I will be rocking some athletic shorts and a t-shirt!! ;-) My actual cute first day outfit will be worn tomorrow when I have four classes back-to-back with only a break for lunch... basically I am going to die on Tuesdays this semester.

      Tomorrow night I have my first recruitment practice of the semester with my sorority. My school's Panhellenic Formal Fall Recruitment is in just under a month, so all four of the panhellenic sororities at my school are jumping right into their rush practice schedules! I am excited to see what it will be like to go through sorority recruitment "on the other side" this year. Last year I went through sorority rush as a PNM, or potential new member, meaning that I wasn't yet in a sorority and went through recruitment with the intentions to join one (And I did!!).

     One of the parts of recruitment that I was most excited for last year was getting to dress up for each night of it! At larger universities recruitment can last a couple of weeks and have several different rounds, but since my school only has four sororities our rush only lasted three nights. The dress code last year went as follows: night one was business casual (dress pants and sundresses), night two was slightly dressier (no pants allowed) and night three, preference night, was the dressiest.

     Sadly during the first two nights of recruitment last year I didn't get anyone to take any good pictures of my outfits! But I do have a few group pictures of me with some other freshmen, transfer students and  the Pi Chis (the sorority women who dissaffiliate from their sororities during the rush process to help PNMs go through recruitment, also called Rho Gammas at some schools!).

     Here is what I wore on night one! A lot of girls wore dresses or skirts for all of recruitment, but I wanted to take advantage to stand out a bit and wear dress pants during the one night that they were allowed. If pants (or shorts for that matter!) are allowed at all during any phase of the recruitment at your school, I think you should defnitely wear them at least once! So many girls only wear dresses during recruitment, and you want to try and make sure your outfits stand out and I found that in my school's recruitment wearing dress pants on night one was a great way to do that! Of course my dress pants were Lilly. :-) I paired them with my favorite Forever 21 lace bow top, a pearl necklace, and curled my hair (which was so short then!).

Twinning in Lilly with my one of my Pi Chi's! 

Girls going through rush that lived on my hall last year!

     I only bought one fashion item for sorority recruitment... and it was a brand new Lilly dress. :-) The day before I moved into college last year I visited the Lilly store at Charlotte's SouthPark mall and found what I knew would be the perfect dress for recruitment! I knew that its fun, summery colors would be perfect for night two. Since the pattern was so bold I paired it with my simple gold monogram letter "A" necklace (which was in yesterday's fashion post!), delicate stud earrings, and nude pumps. I also straightened my hair that night, and it actually looked amazing! I was so lucky that I had great hair days during my rush week haha!

     And night three, preference night, I wore a favorite dress of mine from Francesca's! I was actually able to get decent pictures of my outfit that night too! I paired it with a matching statement necklace also from Francesca's (bought at the same time as the dress), and neutral wedges from Dillard's. All three nights of recruitment my purse was my favorite little Michael Kors crossbody bag. Recruitment is definitely the time to use one of your smaller and nicer purses!

     So those are all of the outfits that I wore during recruitment! For my bid day I showed up in jean shorts, a tank top and a cute pair of sandals. It's a good idea to wear a camisole or tank top on your bid day so that your new sorority sisters can easily shirt you with your bid day shirt (which would be hard to do if you were already wearing a regular shirt!).

     Below I have made a couple Polyvore collages with more of my outfit ideas for rush outfits!! (The order of the outfits for the first and second nights of recruitment are out of order in the collages- oops!) The two most important things to remember though when dressing for sorority recruitment are:
     1. Be classy and modest. This is NOT the time to be showing cleavage, booty or other types of skin! Or to be wearing your clubbing clothes. Sororities are respectful organizations and you should dress in a classy manner for sorority recruitment! 
     2. Be yourself! You will see a lot of preppy outfits or the same type of trends during recruitment. If those trends are your thing, then definitely dress along with them (like I did)! But if you absolutely cannot stand Lilly Pulitzer or Jack Rogers, then why force yourself to wear them just for recruitment? It's much better to stay true to yourself and your own style!! The right sorority for you will accept you for exactly who you are, and you certainly won't have to dress a special way to impress them! 

Sorority Recruitment Outfit #1

Sorority Recruitment Outfit #2

Sorority Recruitment Outfit #3

Sorority Recruitment Outfit #3 by rainbowflash94 featuring jessica simpson shoes

     If you are going through sorority recruitment this year then I hope this post was helpful to you! Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions for me! :-) And if you are already in a sorority or were in one in college, how did you dress for your sorority recruitment?

     xoxo Miss ALK

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