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September 1, 2014

September Goals!

     I started classes for my junior year of college a week ago today! What a stressful first week back it was! There were definitely some great moments- like getting to finally return (after a long summer away!) to my internship with the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, and starting sorority recruitment practices with my sisters (which I am actually enjoying so far!), but as far as classes go I think that school is going to kick my butt this semester. At the same time though I am excited to get to dive more into my major and my two minors! It is exciting to be an upperclassman (even if the work load that comes with it isn't as exciting!).

      Let's take a look at my goals for August 2014:

     1. Successfully pack for school. I am going to say check! This came with an almost all-nighter the night before I left, and still leaving for the road trip about 6 hours later then we were supposed to because of all of the last minute packing... BUT almost all of my boxes, bins and suitcases were well organized and labeled this time around, and I brought less stuff to school! We even had a little bit of visibility in my car. :-)
     2. Make fun Labor Day weekend plans. Uh so this one was kind of a fail. This past Saturday I did go visit a few friends at my former college and we had a relaxing afternoon of catching up after a summer apart! But other then that I haven't done anything for the rest of this weekend! I've done some homework (still have more to do), watched a lot of The Big Bang Theory, gone to Target, done laundry.... wild weekend huh? Hopefully next year's will be better! I think actually Labor Day weekend falls during my 21st birthday next year... ;-)
     3. Make cute binder covers for my classes. Also kind of a fail. I had planned to follow an online tutorial to make monogrammed Lilly Pulitzer binder covers, but right after I made them at home and was ready to print them my mom told me our home printer was really low on colored ink. I never made it to printing place since at that point I had to start on my school packing... so I just hand-wrote out binder covers for this semester! I'd still like to try the online tutorial for a different semester if I can!
     4. Have a social media free vacation. CHECK!! When my mom and I took our little vacation to New Brunswick, Canada earlier in August I successfully did a social media fast for the duration of the trip. It was wonderful and I will get around to blogging about it at some point!

       And here are my goals for September 2014:

     1. Stay on top of my homework with sorority recruitment. My school's formal recruitment for our panhellenic sororities isn't until closer to the end of September. That means that I still have a lot of recruitment practices and events to get through!! These are a great bonding time for the sisters of my chapter, and I'm already learning so much about my sorority, but they are time consuming. I want to make sure to be really good about time management in the next few weeks and stay on top of all of my homework while participating in all of the exciting sorority recruitment events!
     2. Look into getting a Charlotte library card. This is something that I meant to do last year and never got around to- so it is on the goals list for this month! I have heard that college students at my school can open up library cards through the Charlotte public library system. This seems like such a great rescource to have! Sometimes during weeks in the semester when I have less homework I like to read non-school books for fun, so I would love to have a public library card. I used my library card in my hometown so much this past summer!
     3. Have a memorable and fun start to my 20s. I turn 20 next Saturday! Between sorority recruitment (I have a mandatory practice on the morning of my birthday) and this crazy homework load, I won't have time to dedicate a whole weekend to birthday fun, but I definitely want to do a few fun things during the weekend! Hopefully it will be more eventful then my Labor Day weekend was... ;-)
     4. Get better again with reading the Bible daily/devotions. During the past few weeks with the stress of packing, road tripping to NC and then starting school I have really fallen behind with daily quiet time. Even though the next few weeks will be crazy busy, I want to continue to make time for the Lord each day!

     So those are my goals for September! Lastly, here is a shameless selfie that I took yesterday in one of my favorite spots in Charlotte that overlooks the whole city. Even though it's been a busy first week, I am still so happy to be back!

    xoxo Miss ALK



  1. Good luck with your goals! They all sound like great ways to stay on top of your crazy busy life. And, honestly, that sounds like a great Labor Day weekend to me. I'm all about the mix of fun and relaxation!

  2. Good luck with your goals! We are in the midst of recruitment practice right now too it's quite hectic!


  3. Good luck on your goals for September! Hope you have a great Labor day weekend!


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