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September 2, 2013

Friendship Week: I met a blogging friend!

      Hello and happy Labor Day!! Since this is the week that leads up to my 19th birthday and first blogoversary, I wanted to have a theme of posts to kick things off. Friendship seems to have been a pretty key part of my life in these first few weeks back at school, and after what I did this weekend I knew that this would be the perfect time for "Friendship Week" on Southern Belle in Training! My posts for today, tomorrow and Wednesday will be celebrating some of the great friendships that I feel so blessed to have. :-)


     I decided to kick off Friendship Week with what will probably be the most exciting post for all of my readers. ;-)  After being part of the blogging community for over two and a half years, I have finally met somone in person who I "met" first through the blogging world. This has been a dream/bucket list item of mine for a really long time, and now that it's actually happened I just want to meet more and more and more bloggers! Haha.

     So who was it that I had the privilege of meeting this past Saturday? None other then the lovely Gina of Gina Alyse!  Gina was one of the lovely ladies who particpated in the Summer of Something New blog challenge this year, so you might recognize her blog from that. (She has an AWESOME blog so if you're not reading it then go follow her now!)

     I first found Gina through fellow Summer of Something New challenge participant Jessica's blog... I think in the late Spring (April/May-ish). At one point Gina had written a really long (and wonderful!) comment on one of my posts, and I responded to it via e-mail, and then she wrote back, and then I wrote back.... you get the picture! All summer long Gina and I became e-mail buddies. Her messages were one of the highlights of my summer, and I soon realized that I had done more then just found a girl who had a great blog, I had also found a wonderful new friend.

     Gina's school is just a couple hours from my school, and over the summer we mentioned how fun it would be to meet up, but I honestly never pictured it happening so early in the school year!! Here's how things worked out...

     Do any of you remember how there was a short time this summer when I was working two jobs? One of which was at a day camp? Although I only worked there for three weeks, I did make friends with some of my coworkers. One of them who I stayed in touch with happened to go to the same college as Gina. I also realized that someone from my high school class who I had been in Interact club with also went to this school! This gave me more of a reason to want to visit.

     My coworker from daycamp called me out of the blue last week and asked if I wanted to come up and visit her school over the weekend. At the time I said probably not, but then after realizing that it was Labor Day weekend and not a lot was happening on campus I messaged Gina and asked if she would be around. I didn't want to make the trip up unless I could see all the people that I knew at this school at once! ;-)

     It worked out that all of them would be on campus that day, and I started my visit with Gina. She gave me a tour around the beautiful campus, and we had lunch together at the cutest pizza place!! It was so fun to be eating lunch with someone and being able to talk about blogging, something that just doesn't hold significance for most of the people in my life. Finally I could talk in person with someone who just "got" it!! 

     But of course our conversations were not just limited to blogging- since we had developed a pretty strong e-mail friendship, Gina and I were able talk about so many things! She is a sweetheart and I was truly sad when our visit came to a close. 

     My one regret of the day is that I forgot to charge my camera before arriving at her school. The only thing that I have a camera picture of is my pizza from the restaurant we ate at! So the only picture that I had of her and I was on my phone (hence the crappy quality), but luckily she was able to get some on her own camera. 

     I had so much fun with Gina and cannot wait until the next time that we can get together! She will hopefully be studying abroad next semester, so that means that I need to head back up to her school again soon if I want to see her! 

     And now that I've met a blogging friend and realized how fun it was, I'm determined to meet as many more as I can! Any bloggers want to host me at their houses for my school breaks? Or come visit me in Charlotte? ;-)

     Oh!! Almost forgot- I have more exciting news! I also found out this past weekend that my best friend from high school, Jules, is coming to North Carolina for my school's fall break to visit me!! She was able to find a good deal on a flight, and I CANNOT WAIT to have her with me in the South! She has never been to the Carolinas before and I am so pumped to show her around and take her to some of the things that are uniquely Southern! She will be here in less than two months and I am so excited. Y'all will be hearing a lot more about that as it gets closer!

     Stay tuned tomorrow from a post about how one of my good friends from my former college has started a blog! It's amazing and I can't wait to share it! 

     xoxo Miss ALK


  1. It's so great to find new friends in unexpected places! I totally agree with what you said about being able to talk about blogging with her - none of my real-life friends know about my blog, so it's not like I can just talk about it. Each friend in your life serves a special purpose so hold them all close!

    xoxo, Taylor
    She Will Move Mountains | a lifetime of inspiration
    {newly redesigned and repurposed! follow along my journey to a well-rounded me!}

  2. I love that you and Gina were able to meet! SO awesome! It's so true, only our blog friends are able to understand why blogging is such a special part of our lives. Everyone else usually doesn't quite get it. (haha). I hope you and I are able to meet one day! Julia and Gina should join us too. We can have a blog party! haha seriously though! we NEED to meet in person, we would have so much fun! love ya!

  3. Girl, you're just too great :) My post about our weekend is going up tomorrow! I can't wait to meet more blogging friends too! I second what Jessica says!

    xo, gina

  4. Sounds like you guys had a wonderful time! I have never met my blogging friends, so I always love to here about those who do meet each other.


  5. Just found you through Gina's blog and I am loving your blog!! It's so cute! What year are you in college? Can't wait to read more and get to know your better through your blog!! :)

  6. I think its so cool that you met a blogging friend. I've only been in the blogging world for a little while but I would love to one day have some blogging friends and to meet them. Its looks like to two of you had fun.



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