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September 26, 2013

Favorite Things Thursday: Yogi Perfect Energy Vanilla Spice tea.

     As a college student, I am often sleep deprived. I don't pull all-nighters, and I always make sure to get at least six hours of sleep (minimum), but even with the usual 7ish hours that I get on most weeknights I'm still exhausted the next day. That's where my BFF caffeine comes in. I'm not a coffee fan, and I never have been. I don't like the taste or the smell... weird I know, but I don't like forcing myself to drink something that I think tastes disgusting. :-) I only drink coffee if I need a very large amount of caffeine (like before a big test in the morning or something). I do love tea, but I've always had trouble finding a strong enough tea to deliver the type of caffeine that I need on school mornings (and that tastes good).

Southern Belle In Training

     Friends, I have have good news. I have found an amazing tea that can be purchased at most chain grocery stores (I found it at Target a couple weeks ago). Today's FFT is the Perfect Energy Vanilla Spice Tea from Yogi Tea!

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     This tea tastes absolutely amazing. I love almost anything with vanilla... the smell, the flavor, and this tea has both, along with a delightful spice blend to add to the taste (but isn't nearly as spicy as chai tea). But the best part about it is that it gives you a very hearty dose of caffeine! It is exactly what I need in the mornings to stay focussed through my classes. In just about half an hour after drinking it I always feel *so* much more awake and alert.

     I am currently drinking this tea as I'm finishing this post. I really needed it today, because my poor roommate and I somehow had a chirping cricket in our room past midnight last night. Since we live on the third floor and we don't open our windows I have no clue how the thing got into our room. My roommate is a bit more of a deeper sleeper than I am, so she was able to sleep through it. I however could not, so thankfully my amazing sorority sister Hannah let me crash on the spare bed in her room last night. I have had a really long and emotional week, and so the cricket incident was the last thing that I needed. But I'm so thankful that I was still able to get some sleep- that's what sisters are for. :-) And luckily I didn't need to wake up until like 9:45 today... Thursdays are my sleep-in days.

     xoxo Miss ALK

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