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August 30, 2013

Celebrating America's Teachers!

     *This post is sponsored by Participant Media* 

     Teaching and blogging seem to go together. I can't even list all of the blogs that I've come across that are written by women who either are teachers or in college to become teachers. Then there are also teaching link-ups for bloggers! (Two of my favorite bloggers, Nicole and Jamie, are currently hosting a teaching themed link-up called Teacher Talk.) While I myself am not an education major in school, it is a career that I seriously considered while in high school, and I do have friends that are education majors. I think that's it's a wonderful and rewarding field, and that's why I decided to take advantage of this sponsored post opportunity!! (Just so y'all know, I do get a fair amount of e-mails for sponsored posts, but I only accept the ones that I think my readers will enjoy the most :-).)

      I have always been amazed by the impact in one's life of having at least one good teacher sometimem during their years of schooling. For example. many of my high school friends absolutely adored their teachers from the middle school years. I was homeschooled for elementary and middle school so I never got to know these teachers that they loved, but I could tell that these teachers made an impression on my friends. Right up until graduation they would still regularly talk about middle school memories made in their favorite classes, or assignments or projects that they did in middle school that were fond memories.

     ((When thinking about my favorite teacher, I obviously have a little bit of a bias. Since I was homeschooled for eight years I would hands down have to say that my favorite teacher is my mom. ;-) Not only is she an amazing mom, but she was the most creative and fun teacher. We did so many cool things during my homeschooling years: we belonged to different co-ops and networks over the years, and through these groups I made tons of friends and also got to go on some awesome field trips. I was also a competitive figure skater when I was younger so being homeschooled allowed for a more flexible schedule.))

     I definitely had some teachers during my high school years that were not all that great, and because of that I can definitely spot a good teacher. America needs more teachers who are excited and passionate about their profession. The upcoming documentary TEACH celebrates four wonderful public school teachers and shows an inside look at their classrooms. The documentary is being produced by the same producers who made Food Inc, which is a 2008 documentary that showcases the downsides of corporate farming in America. I watched Food Inc back in my 10th grade biology class, and I thought that it was an excellent documentary!! I still remember many of the things that I learned from watching it. I am quite certain that TEACH will be just as good as Food Inc, and I encourage all of you to check it out!!

     TEACH is premiering this Friday, September 6th, on CBS. (Fun fact: September 6th is also my 19th birthday and the first bloversary for this blog!) Please click here to learn more about the film and its message.


     Do any of you have a favorite teacher? Are you a teacher yourself? What do you love about the field of education?

     xoxo Miss ALK

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