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June 15, 2013

Vegas 2013 {Days 4, 5, 6 +7}

     Here's a big jumble of pictures for the rest of our trip to Las Vegas!

     Day 4:

We started the day by eating breakfast at one of the little cafes in the Bellagio near the pool. I had the above pastry, called a Nutella pocket. It was literally just STUFFED with Nutella. Definitely goes on record for one of the best breakfasts ever (and unhealthiest, but hey). 

Bikini: Victoria's Secret   Sunglasses: Kohl's

Then we caught a little sunshine by the pool!

Our big plans for the evening were to see Criss Angel's Believe magic show at the Luxor hotel. That was located on the south side of the strip. We got there by a combination of walking and monorail riding. We hadn't seen a lot of that end of the strip before, and I got to see many more hotels!

Excalibur!! I think this hotel looked awesome. This might be where I'd want to stay if I went back to Las Vegas in a few years with my friends. 

Dress: Dillard's   Shoes: Dillard's   Necklace: Kohl's

Entrance to the Luxor hotel! The hotel itself is shaped like the Great Pyramids.

Of course a trip to Vegas isn't complete without seeing a wedding chapel! Here's one of the smaller ones located in the Luxor. Definitely not my idea of a dream wedding venue, but to each their own! ;-)

Tender Steakhouse at the Luxor. A wonderful steak restaurant!

Pictures weren't allowed during Criss Angel's magic show until the very end, so this is the only semi-clear picture that I got. I enjoyed Criss's magic illusions a lot, but I found that the humor put into the show was very raunchy and a little innapropriate, so I wasn't as crazy about that aspect. Overall the show was very entertaining though!

The Luxor hotel is next-door to Madalay Bay, so we walked around their shops after the show. We found some interesting things, such as the above picture, which is a whole store dedicated to socks...

And I saw a crystal, see through bikini set... Only in Vegas! :-p

It was a beautiful and warm night so we stopped to take pictures on our walk back to the Bellagio.

And of course everyone needs at least one picture with Vegas showgirls! They asked me where I was from and when I said "Maine!" the showgirl on the right goes "I'm from Maine!" Small world.

And we ended the night by watching the amazing fountain show that the Bellagio is famous for!

     Day 5: 

This was originally supposed to be our last full day in Vegas. We spent it by touring the hotel that I was most excited to see, the Venetian!

We didn't end up riding the Venetian gondolas because it was $20 dollars per person (and a really short ride!), but I did enjoy watching them. That's an activity that I'd rather do if I come back to Vegas someday with a significant other... gondola rides seem so romantic. :-)

While in the Venetian we caught a bit of an acrobat show! These guys were amazing.

This National Geographic photography exhibit was on display at the Venetian, so we decided to see this instead of the gondola rides. I really enjoyed it! There were detailed descriptions of the inspirations for all of the pictures which made it more interesting.

The Mirage hotel as seen from the Venetian. I liked the Mirage from the little bit that I saw of it when we had gone to the Cirque du Soleil show there. Definitely a hotel that I'd consider staying in if I am to go back!

Romper: Body Central
Top: Body Central   Skirt: H&M   Shoes: DSW
We spent (what we thought was our last) dinner in Vegas at the Jasmine Chinese restaurant at the Bellagio. I thought that the restaurant was beautiful and it had great views of the fountains, but I thought that the food was a little bit overpriced for what it was. My favorite part of our meal there was dessert, my first time trying Asian mochi ice creams!

Then we started packing up the room, since we had to be at the airport early the next morning. My mom snuck down to one of the Bellagio's cafes that was open late and brought up some cookies and cream gelato for a late night snack. :-)

     Day 6: 

You can read all about what happened in this post! Long story short, our flight home was cancelled. But after a very stressful day in the airport we made the best of things and were still able to have a nice evening, and make a new friend in the process! 

     Day 7: 

Our actual last day got off to the same start as the day before, except instead of waking up in the Bellagio, we found oursevles in a small hotel near the airport. But the good news is our flight back to New England was finally on time! The bad news was the flight had a lot of turbulence, but I guess that was uncontrolable. I was just happy that we were finally headed home!

Isn't the Boston area just beautiful when seen from the sky? So nice to see lots of green trees after our week in the desert!

     Have any of you been to Las Vegas before? Besides for the cancelled flight it was a wonderful experience, and I really hope to go back in the future! I was happy to see that there are tons of ways to have fun in Vegas without having to gamble, drink or visit any place involving nudity and/or strippers. Gosh, you could spend a whole day just touring hotels and not even visit half of them! The shopping was top notch, and we didn't have a chance to visit all of the malls! And food in Vegas is to die for. The 100+ degree weather could be a bit uncomfortable at times, so I've heard that the best times of year to go are in the fall or earlier in the springtime. :-)

     I'm off now to eat a late breakfast and then get ready for a long shift at work, but I hope that y'all will have a great weekend! Talk to you Monday!

     xoxo Miss ALK


  1. Looks like a wonderful time. You look stunning in every picture and those desserts look super yummy.

  2. I am soo jealous of your trip!! And especially that nutella breakfast... OMG. Nutella is my favorite!

  3. I just got caught up on all your vegas posts and i'm in LOVE!!! It looks like such a good time! You looked super cute in all your different outfits and I'm super jealous about all the good food you had! I'd also really like to see the Beatles show. You're so right about how "different" those shows are and you really just have to take it for what its worth!! I LOVE the beatles, so I know I would probably really enjoy it! It seems like you had an awesome trip!


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