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June 11, 2013

Vegas 2013 {Days 1+2}

     Be warned: this post has a picture overload! ;-)

     Day 1:

     On June 2nd, my mom and I woke up early and hopped into my dad's car so he could drive us to the airport. We were flying out of Logan airport in Boston, MA since they offered nonstop flights to Vegas. We flew JetBlue, and our flight out was very comfortable! We got to fly over all sorts of lands: everything from the plains and farms of the midwest to the Rocky Mountains.

Then Vegas came into sight as we started to land!

Loved this sign that I saw as we headed to baggage claim in the airport!!

 A shuttle van picked up my mom and I as well as many other travellers headed to different hotels. Somehow I got shotgun, and I got a lot of great views of the city and the Strip because of this! :-)

Coming into Vegas!

My first view of our hotel's neighbor, Caesar's Palace, and the lake at the Bellagio!

We then headed into the Bellagio to check in. It was the biggest and most beautiful hotel lobby that I've ever seen! Just look at that amazing glass on the ceilings!

We then headed up to the 23rd floor to our room. The first thing that I noticed was the view!! Look at those gorgeous pools!

And here's a picture of our room. It was actually a lot bigger than it looks, and I loved the decor!

And I loved this part of the room the most: the huge bathtub!! I hate taking showers and adore taking baths, so I couldn't wait to use this!

After seeing the views of the pool, my mom and I couldn't wait to head down. Relaxing after a long day of traveling was wonderful! 

Bikini: Victoria's Secret 

My mama and I!

My beach cover-up: Talbots

Next we decided it was time for dinner. Vegas is 3 hours behind the East Coast in terms of time, so by then it was pretty late for us and we were starving! I decided to keep on the same dress that I'd worn for the flight, but I changed it up by pinning up my hair with my Lilla Rose flexi clip and borrowing one of my mom's necklaces. :-)

Dress: LOFT

We had the hardest time choosing where to eat our first dinner! We looked at the menus of most of the restaurants in our own hotel, and then decided to venture across the street to the Paris hotel. After looking at menus of most of the restaurants there as well, we decided to eat in the Eiffel Tower restaurant. :-)

I had a Moroccan season baked chicken dish, and it was very tasty!

Look at that view in the background! So perfect!

The Strip at night, as seen from the Eiffel Tower restaurant!

Our beautiful hotel made for a perfect backdrop!

Day 2:

The start of Day 2 was acutally the worst part of our trip (minus having a cancelled flight at the end). We had breakfast at the Sugar Factory, located in the Paris hotel. I was the one who had picked it out... I had seen before that some celebrities host functions in the retail store part of the Sugar Factory, and I had looked up the menu online and it seemed good. Note to self: read TripAdvisor restaurant reviews in the future. The waiter was so incredibly rude to my mom and I, and he didn't do his job properly. When my mom asked to speak to the manager he actually questioned and argued with her! The food wasn't that much better either. I ordered Nutella pancakes, but they were mostly filled with bitter tasting chocolate chips, and they were very dry. The only good thing about the Sugar Factory was that the decor was kind of cool.

If I didn't say this already. the weather was in the 100s everyday that we were in Vegas. My mom and I weren't used to that type of heat at all, so we decided to spend the first day doing an indoor activity. We headed to the Planet Hollywood to take advantage of the Miracle Mile shops!

Francesca's was the first store that we hit up. I tried on these shorts and this adorable top! I didn't end up getting either because I got a dress and statement necklace instead, but I still think they were super cute!

The Miracle Mile fountain!!

We had lunch at a chain Mexican restaurant called La Salsa Cantina, located in the middle of the mall. We weren't expecting much, but the food was delicious and the service was great!! Goes to show you that sometimes the best restaurants are the ones you'd least expect. 

View from our table at La Salsa!

Next we headed to a Vegas area store called Marshall Rousso. I was looking for more clothes for work. First I tried on the above dress, and wasn't too crazy about it (as you can probably tell from my facial expression)...

Then my mom found me this fun dress which I loved and got!

Pants: Lilly Pulitzer   Sandals: Target   Top: 579 stores   Cardigan: Given to me by my mom :-)
And I took an OOTD picture before I left the fitting room! 

After our afternoon of shopping we headed back to the hotel to get changed for the evening's plans: seeing the LOVE Cirque du Soleil show at the Mirage hotel! We decided to walk to the Mirage, and had to pass through Caesar's Palace first. This hotel was HUGE. Not that the other hotels in Vegas aren't big, but Caesar's is something special.

Shirt: Le Chateau   Pants: Borrowed from my mom :-)   Sandals: Dillard's

Taking a picture at one of Caesar's many fountains! 

When we entered the Mirage we found ourseleves inside of the casino. Even though we'd only been in Vegas for about a day, all the casinos were starting to blend together. My mom doesn't gamble and I'm underage, so we didn't really hang out in any, but everytime we'd walk through one we'd hear the beeping of the slot machines and smell cigarette smoke. Not my idea of a fun place to hang out. Although I must say that I was a bit confused as to why the age is 18 to by lottery tickets but 21 to play slot machines.

Our delicious desserts at Onda, a restaurant in the Mirage hotel!

Here's the entry to the Beatles LOVE theatre! I couldn't take any pictures during the show. I liked the show but it wasn't my favorite thing. Cirque du Soleil is very abstract, and I'm more of a realistic type of person. My mom really enjoyed it though since she grew up with the Beatles music!

And we ended the night with a little bit of browsing in the Forum shops and Caesar's Palace. We didn't buy anything, but it was fun to window shop, and I got some delicious coconut gelato on the way out. :-)

     Coming up next is the pictures from our Hoover Dam tour! This was surprisingly a highlight of the trip for me, and I can't wait to share them! Hope that you're all having a wonderful start to your weeks. 

     xoxo Miss ALK



  1. looks like so much fun (minus the rude waiter and bad food!). and everything just looks so glamorous at the bellagio

  2. love your lilly pants! i feel like vegas has good food, but you have to hunt for it.


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