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June 19, 2013

Last night was just one of those nights...

     ....when it felt totally necessary to have a private four minute dance party to this song.

     Might I add that this wild dance party took place at 10:30 at night in my room, in the middle of a blogging break? And my attire for this dance party included pajama pants tucked into socks (If I wear pajama pants they have to be tucked into socks so they don't move up and down my legs while I sleep) and an old t-shirt that says NEWBURYPORT (town in Massachusetts) with sparkly cats on it. The shirt is so old and well loved that bits and pieces of the cats' tails have started to fall off.

     I actually just learned about this song on our trip to Vegas. We flew JetBlue and there was free satellite radio on the plane, and I heard this at least a few times on the 90s station. It came out in 1995, and I really wish I had known of its existence before, because this song is AWESOME and totally my new jam.

      This is was probably an insignificant four minutes in the scheme of my life, but sometimes it's the little spontaneous things that you want to remember. I found myself reading through some posts on my old blog last night, and I was thrilled that I'd chronicled so many of the little details of my days at the time that I was writing on it. It brought back so many small memories that I'd forgotten about. And this called for a celebration, which came in the form of my dance party. ;-)

     What are your favorite jams to rock out to when no one else is around?

     And on an important side note, be sure to check out my guest post on Mckenzie's blog! She posted it yesterday. In it I share two of my most awkward guy stories from freshman year of college, both surrounding unwanted male attention from guys that I was most certainly not interested in! Hey, at least they make for good blog stories.

     xoxo Miss ALK



  1. I do the same trick for the pajama pants!! LOL
    I think I had that moment few days ago, the song? I Love It.
    It was fun! My dog looked at me like saying: "What the hell is she doing?" ahah

  2. Just found your blog!
    Now following!
    I am looking forward to keeping up with your blog.

    I also have a blog design site. If you ever need a custom blog design, check it out. :)


  3. There's nothing wrong with an impromptu dance party! That songs reminds me of something that you would hear on Dance, Dance, Revolution or something. Super upbeat and fun! I just found your blog and read back a little, I'm super jealous of your trip to Vegas! Looks like it was a blast...besides the delayed flight.

  4. When are impromptu dance parties not a good idea?? Especially to such a great song.


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