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June 25, 2013

Missin' Myrtle.

     Have you ever visited a new place, and loved it so much almost instantly? That's the story of me and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, even though I've only spent a total of about four hours there in my whole life.

      Last summer I went to freshman orientation at my former college in mid-July. My dad decided that we would spend a few extra days in the South and make it a daddy-daughter vacation. I wanted the whole trip to be at Myrtle Beach, but since it's very touristy and busy my dad decided against staying there, because he wanted a quieter vacation (which I could understand). We ended up going to Ocean Isle Beach in NC after orientation, which is a peaceful little beach town on the state line of the Carolinas.

     By our last day of vacation we felt like we'd kinda done the Ocean Isle scene, and we decided to do a day trip since we had a rental car. Myrtle was only an hour south, so that's where we headed off to! I was PUMPED.

     I loved Myrtle Beach the second we arrived in the outskirts of town. Some people may find all of the touristy shops and strip malls to be tacky, but I thought it was awesome. Most of Maine's beaches have a very rural and remote feeling to them, and while natural beauty is great, it was a big change for me to see a more built up coastline.

     My dad and I had no idea what Broadway at the Beach was until we stumbled upon it (literally). We spent much of a great afternoon and evening shopping there, eating some delicious food and just taking in all of the sights!

Dad and I

     It was a great day, and the highlight of last year's summer vacation. My little taste of Myrtle Beach just left me wanting a full week there! I wish I could visit Myrtle again this summer, but I'll be attempting to wait patiently until the next time that I can.

     xoxo Miss ALK


  1. Ahhh Myrtle. The love/hate relationship I have with that place is pretty intense. It certainly is a nice change of scenery and I absolutely love the shopping. Growing up going to Emerald Isle, NC, though, I can't find it in me to replace (the better) Carolina's beaches! (;

  2. Broadway at the beach has awesome shopping and fun restaurants! The outlets are fun to visit too in Myrtle. For good beaches though and note great shopping, you should visit Wilmington, NC. We are a great beach town/college town/ fun place to live and visit. Lots of TV shows and movies filmed here which makes it fun to visit!

  3. I love Myrtle Beach! My family grew up going there and Ocean Isle... they both are my favorite places in the world!

  4. THe pic with your dad is so beautiful !

    Love your blog, would you like to follow each other on Bloglovin '? Let me know :)

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  5. The summer after my sophomore year of high school I went to the beach for a week with three of my friends. Our one friend had a beach house in NC so we stayed with her and her family. One night we went to Broadway at the Beach and it was so much fun. It was such a neat experience.

    I definitely can relate to missing myrtle.


  6. I went to Myrtle Beach years ago when I was seven or eight and I totally remember Broadway on the Beach and lots of other things about it! So glad you had a fun time there :) It was awesome seeing your pictures and how they reminded me of when I went there!

    xo, gina

  7. i love south carolina, myrtle beach looks gorgeous!


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