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June 5, 2013

The Passport Incident {Guest post by Mckenzie from March Rielo}

     Hi again! So super excited to announce my second guest poster on the blog this week, Mckenzie from March Rielo. Mckenzie was one of the very first bloggers who I found when I entered the blogging scene in early 2011. She is hilarious and her posts always brighten my day! I was thrilled when she said that she'd share a funny travel story for y'all while I'm on vacation. :-) xoxo Miss ALK


So, Miss ALK asked me to guest post (which I was SO excited to do!) and then she told me the topic

Travel stories. 
dun dun dun. 

And about 36 different travel stories poured through my mind.

Like the one where I was in studying in Greece and my bathing suit top fell of in front of my entire class.
Or when David and I were taking a road trip in January and the heat didn't work in the car so we stopped to eat at Cracker Barrel just because we knew they had fireplaces where we could warm our bunz.
Or maybe when my parents and I stayed in a super sketch hotel and heard a stripper looking for her, um, next "client" outside our door.
Or when my family station wagon broke down in the middle of Arizona and we had to hitchhike with a random truck driver to bring us back to town.
Or when a bear attacked our tent while we were camping in the Rockies and our tent was in pieces. (no worries we were not inside when that happened!)
Or even THIS story of a camping trip we went on (believe me, you wont be disappointed with that one).

But I finally settled upon a story.

Its the one where I lost my passport.
While I was in another country, but only for a layover. AKA, I had just used it, and was going to need it again very soon to leave and it was nowhere to be found.

So let me start at the beginning:

I was flying to Slovakia with a bunch of high schoolers and adults from my church. My dad being one of them. We had just got off our plan from our 7 hour flight to Heathrow airport in London. We were exhausted and had a 7 hour layover until our next flight.

So we all stumble out of our first plane, and they herded us down and around and throughout Heathrow as we made our way to our next gate. Now before we could get there we would have to go through another security line. So we hop in that line, drop our carry-ons on the floor and kick them forward every couple of minutes or so as the line moved forward.

Finally, we get to the front of the line, take off our shoes, throw our bags on the belt to get scanned and mentally prepare ourselves for the possibility of being groped by a TSA agent.
(hey, you never know. They just jump out at you when you least expect it.)

So its my turn, and i'm standing there barefoot, waiting to grab my bags, and the agent asks for my ticket and passport.

"sure ma'am. let me grab it."
(I have never said "ma'am" in real life. Don't be fooled.)

*Hm, its not in my purse......or my carry-on.....OR MY POCKETS.......OR ANY OTHER CREVICE OR POCKET OR POUCH IN SIGHT"

immediately my life flashed before my eyes as I imagined myself being detained by a TSA agent in a back room with a single light swinging and flickering above my head as they ask me questions about my childhood and slammed their fists on the table. All while I'm in tears saying "I WAS FRAMED!"

So I grab my dad and frantically tell him my passport, and only way out of this airport, is missing.
(he isn't surprised) 
but we're both freaking out none the less.

We double check everything, its no where.
And finally it hits me
"I think I left it on the plane!"

So my dad grabs the closest flight attendant and lets her know, she goes behind a counter and grabs a phone to get a hold of the plane we were just on.
We don't hear much of the conversation but we do hear her say
"well tell the captain it can't take off!"
Then she hangs up and literally darts in the other direction

We take that as a good sign?
(Because a flight attendant running as fast as she can away from us is the best thing that had happened to us all day.) 

So about 30 minutes later the flight attendant is back with my passport, after holding up an entire flight for little ol' me. I was no longer worried about being stranded in my least favorite airport in the world.
But every time I travel now, that thing is glued to me. 

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