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June 13, 2013

Vegas 2013 {Day 3}

     Time to share some of my most favorite pictures from our trip! I took so many pictures on day three that I'm devoting a whole post to it.

     Day 3:

  The highlight of our third day was our trip to the Hoover Dam. This was actually not something that I thought I would really enjoy, but I loved it! Seeing the amazing architecture of the dam itself as well as the Nevada desert and mountains was incredible. We went through a tour company that picked us up at our hotel. I took a bunch of pictures on the way out, and even more once we got to the dam and a huge bridge that goes over the Colorado River! I'll just let my pictures speak for themselves. :-)

Approaching Lake Mead, the lake that the Hoover Dam created. It's the largest man made lake in the US!

That's the dam as being seen from a really tall bridge!

The dam is on the Arizona/Nevada state line, so I wanted a picture with the sign. After I took this a lady walked by and said "It was dangerous to get that close to the sign, there could have been snakes in the rocks!" Great....

There's the bridge that we walked on! It was crazy being down on the ground and seeing how high up we'd been.

Part of our tour included seeing the inside of the Hoover Dam. Here's just one of many huge tubes that water rushes through! The water was so powerful that the floor was vibrating.

See how some of the rock is lighter colored? That's evidence of the drought that Lake Mead has been suffering from for 12 years. Our tour guide told us that the lighter rock shows evidence that water levels are about 100 feet below what they should be!

Tank top: Old Navy   Shorts: J. Crew   Sunglasses: Kohl's

One of my favorite parts of the whole trip: standing in two states at once!! It's on my bucket list to stand in three or more states at once, so now I'm one step closer to that. ;-)

Doesn't my mom look amazing here?! I think we look more like sisters than mother and daughter!

On the way back to Vegas we stopped at a Lake Mead overlook. The above picture shows where the desert ends and the floating marina begins!

Desert homes in Boulder City, the town closest to the Hoover Dam.

This is what most of the landscape looks like after you leave the Vegas area! On the drive back I reflected on the natural beauty of the Hoover Dam area. The interesting landscape shows me what a wonderful Creator we have!

Dress: Marshall's   Cardigan: LOFT   Shoes: Marden's (A Maine discount store chain)   Bag: Vintage Chanel 
After we got back from our Hoover Dam trip, we quickly got changed and headed next-door to the Cosmopolitan hotel for dinner!

We ate at a fun Spanish restaurant called Jaleo.

We dined on a variety of tapas plates (small portions of Spanish savory dishes). Some of them I wasn't too crazy about (since I'm a very picky eater) but I enjoyed others very much!

Lamb ribs, my favorites plate of the night! Lamb is my favorite type of meat.

After dinner we walked around the pretty Cosmopolitan hotel. Everything was so sparkly and just my style!

Random shoe in the Cosmopolitan's lobby, but it matched my outfit! ;-)

Then we took a few pictures outside on the Strip!

One of my favorites pictures from the trip!!

     More pictures are to come! The good part about going on this trip and having a little blogging break is that while in Vegas I got so many ideas for great blog posts. Can't wait to share them in the coming weeks! 

     xoxo Miss ALK

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  1. What an awesome day you had! The photos are gorgeous and your outfits are beautiful--loving your dress! Can't wait to see more photos from your trip! Looks like you had a great time :)

    xo, gina


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