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April 29, 2013

The quintessential "What's in my bag?" post.

     I've seen a number of bloggers do this by now. The ones that stick out most in my mind are Annelise and Emily's posts, but I'm sure there are many more! I figured it's finally time that I hope on the bandwagon and show all of you what I tote around on a daily basis. :-)

     I have way too many a few purses, but my main bag is my newest Vera Bradley purse. It was a Christmas gift from my parents this past year. It is the Glenna style in the Ribbons print! I love multicolored bags because there is bound to be at least one color in the design that matches what you're wearing. :-)

  1. A pocket sized copy of the NIV New Testament. This was in my 2007 Easter basket, and it is the perfect size to tote around! You never know when you're going to need God's word, so why not carry it around always?!
  2. My Vera Bradley Gallery wallet in Va Va Bloom. This wallet was an 18th birthday present so I got it before getting my purse. Luckily since they're both mulitcolored I think they both coordinate fairly well together! I love this wallet because it was a ton of card slots which is perfect for my license, debit and credit cards, gift card and the tons of rewards cards I have (If there's a store with a rewards program I'll sign up for it!).
  3. My car keys for Lucy! The ironic thing about my keys is that I collect key chains and have been doing so since I was four years old, but the only ones that I actually use for my keys are a tiny keychain of Times Square in NYC and this Vera Bradley zip ID case in Safari Sunset. It's pretty worn down now so I should probably get a new zip ID soon!
  4. Cheap-o sunglasses from Kohl's, bought last summer. Fact: I will never spend money on expensive sunglasses. I break and/or lose sunglasses so easily, and I don't really wear them as a fashion accessory ever. I honestly only wear them when I'm driving in bright light or reading at the beach, haha! Anyways, these are a pretty deep brown color and they do their job well.
  5. My favorite lipstick! The best part is it's a drugstore brand and pretty cheap. It is from the Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter line in shade Sugar Frosting. My mom stuck it as a little surprise in the toilietry bag she packed for me for college last summer. It is so soft and feels like chapstick when you put it on. And just like chapstick it keeps your lips moist instead of drying them out! This is a perfect light color for everyday wear, and I also wear it when I am wearing a lot of eye make-up so I don't look overdone. I keep it in my purse instead of my make-up supplies because it is my go-to product!
  6. I'm not really a big fan of minty tasting mints, but when I'm craving something sweet I enjoy Ice Breakers Duo Fruit + Cool in Strawberry. Delish! And my favorite gum of all time is Orbit Bubblemint. I'm addicted to this stuff y'all. In high school my mom used to buy me cartons of it from Sam's Club and I'd go through all 12 packs in a couple weeks. At least it's sugar free! 
  7. My cute little Coach wristlet from their Hamptons line. This was given to me a few years ago by one of my older cousins. She had gotten it as a gift and never used it. Free Coach? Yes please! Below is what I keep in my wristlet:

  1. Victoria's Secret PINK sparkly body mist in Sweet n' Flirty. This was a Christmas present from my sweet high school friend H. H and I had a running joke all of senior year about the color purple, and she knows that I can't resist anything with sparkles, so I was thrilled when this cute and sweet smelling mist was part of my Christmas present from her! It's the perfect size to tote around, and fits so well in one of the pockets in the Glenna purse.
  2. A little bit of freebie make-up that I got in a Clinique bonus gift a couple months ago! The masacra is Clinique High Lengths mascara in 01 Black and the lip stick is in a shade called Flirty Honey. Perfect for make-up touch-ups!
  3. A couple healthy necessities! Hand sanitizer is one of the only things I'll buy at Bath and Body Works. I love their large selection of scents and I try a new one everytime. Right now I have Pink Diamond, because the sparkles in it caught my eye when I was in the store. And it's always good to keep a little dental floss on you!
  4. Pens! The ones that I keep in my purse are random ones that are given to me at events or that I find around my house since purse pens are likely to be lost and then replaced. 
  5. Hair stuff! I keep two different looking clips in case I need to pull my hair back, and at least one hair tie. My mom had a wooden comb that broke, so I took one of the smaller pieces for my purse. It fits perfectly!
  6. And my favorite item: my adorable pill case from Charming Charlie! Isn't this just darling? You pop it open and there are three mini pill compartments and a little mirror. I chose this pretty color because it reminded me of sapphire, my birth stone. 

     And I can't forget about my trusty iPhone! Right now the case on it is a Lilly Pulitzer in Dirty Shirley. The design is currently starting to peel a little bit, perhaps I should replace it soon. :-(

     Hope you enjoyed the little peak inside my purse! Now my question for you: what's in your bag?

     Happy Monday! Today I begin my last week of classes for freshman year. Next week is finals and then I'll be homeward bound to Maine for the summer.

     xoxo Miss ALK


  1. I have the same iPhone case!! Mine started peeling really quickly, which made me regret going from J. Crew to Lilly but unfortunately, they don't have many options for iPhone 4s anymore. ):

  2. I love it! I, too, have a Lily case that starting peeling so now my phone is naked! :)

  3. i'm impressed with how clean your purse is! I'd have to dig through a handful of gum wrappers and random notes to self lol

  4. I got the a duffle in the Vera Ribbons print for Christmas too! Love the print on your tote. Fun post!


  5. I love that you keep a pocket-sized bible! That's SUCH a good idea :) And I'm loving your bag girl! So cute! Vera bradley is one of my favorite brands. Will get back to your email soon :)

    xo, gina

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