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April 12, 2013

All things prom {part 2}

      Last Friday I gave y'all a peak into my own junior and senior proms. and today I want to continue my little prom posting series by showcasing some of my favorite dresses that I've found online for this season! Browsing at pretty dresses just makes me wish that I had some sort of excuse to wear one of these to. My college does have a spring formal, but I've heard that most girls just wear simple, short dresses. As many of you probably know, I like sparkly things. The more sparkles the better. So if you're into the simple look these might not be the dresses for you, hehe. ;-)

Dress #1: Paparazzi by Mori Lee style 93007

     I think that this beautiful lavender color is perfect for springtime! The flowy fabric looks like it would be magical to dance in. And I'm loving all of the beautiful sparkles on this dress! Having worn a Paparazzi dress to my own prom I can tell you that all of the bling would probably look 100% better in person and shine way brighter than it does in this picture!

Dress #2: Jodi Kristopher Beaded Flyaway Dress (from Dillard's)

     Aquamarine is my favorite color, so I was automatically destined to love this dress! I like how it has thin spagetti straps- when buying dresses for myself I'm not usually a big fan of strapless, but I don't like huge chunky straps either. This dress provides just enough sparkle without being over the top. Below is a really low quality iPhone picture of me trying it on in a Dillard's about a month ago (Because everyone spends an afternoon at a mall by themselves trying on prom dresses... right?).

Dress #3: Night Moves Prom style 6600

     Sometimes a girl just needs a dress that's extremely over the top and glitzy, just because. This is that dress! I love the vivid hot pink color of the skirt, and the amazing beading on the bodice. This dress would be perfect for a very formal prom, and would be guarenteed to make you feel like a princess. Definitely a dress for the lady who wants to be noticed!

Dress #4: Blush Homecoming Collection style 9670

     Truth be told, I'm not a big fan of black as a color for prom, or short dress usually. But if you're going to do either of these trends, make it look like this! Typically I think that black is too severe at mature looking for a fun springtime formal like prom, this is the time to wear pastels and neons! I don't think that short dresses are bad if you're going to prom as an underclassmen or your junior year, but there's only so many times in a girl's life when she can wear a long dress, so why not use prom as one of those times? Anyways, back to this cute litter number. The flirty cut and gorgeous sparkles make the black color less deep. It's a little bit longer than most short dresses, so it would be more practical for dancing without fear of flashing someone. ;-)

      If you went to a prom in the past, what did your dress look like? Or if you're going this year, where is your dress from? Do share. :-)

     Happy Friday my loves! Springtime is in full swing here in the South now, and I plan to soak it up this weekend. Next up in this prom series I might do a playlist of my favorite prom songs, how does that sound?

     xoxo Miss ALK

     P.S. My mom made it through her shoulder surgery today just fine!! I'm very relieved and hope that she's on the road to a quick recovery.


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