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April 1, 2013

Easter outfit 2013.

  • Dress: Ann Taylor LOFT (March 2013)
  • Cardigan: Ann Taylor LOFT (March 2013)
  • Wedges: Aldo (June 2010)
  • Earrings: Target (March 2013)
  • Ring: Borrowed from my mom's jewelry box :-)
  • Bracelet: Made by myself! (September 2010)

     Here was my outfit for Easter 2013! I apologize for the lack of pictures. By the time that I realized I had wanted to do an Easter fashion post it was too dark to take pictures in the yard, so my dad snapped the first two of me in our laundry room with the door to our unfinished basement... hey, at least the blue color of the walls pops against my dress right? :-) My mom is an artist who loves bright color, so most of the rooms in our house are a bright hue. The third picture is a pictstich that I put on Instagram earlier today with close-ups of my accessories.
     My dress and cardigan are both from Ann Taylor LOFT. I love almost everything that this store sells. Their clothes and accessories are classic yet trendy, and in the case of this outfit I love how in the future I'll be able to dress it up or down depending on what I'm wearing it to! I'm adoring the diagonal panel design built into the dress. Navy and dark coral is also such a fun color combination! (Just like orange and teal, which I covered in my last fashion post.)
     I had originally bought some cute jewelry at Charming Charlie to wear with this outfit, but I left it all at school and realized this once I got home. My dad and I were out doing errands yesterday and we stopped briefly at Target, where I found these adorable flower earrings! They matched my outfit perfectly and I know that I'll be able to wear them again and again. Target is a great place to go if you're looking for fun statement earrings! They always have gorgeous and expensive looking ones in all colors of the rainbow.
     I got these wedges almost three years ago on a trip to Long Island, NY to visit my dad's family. I barely wore them until graduation last year though. At my high school we had a week of marching practice leading up to graduation, and the girls had to wear their graduation shoes everyday. So they definitely got the use they deserved last June! They were perfect graduation shoes because they were white (which was required), they gave me a significant height boost which I wanted, yet since they're wedges they were easy to walk in and didn't hurt my feet. Win win! Now that the spring season is here it's appropriate to wear white wedges again, and they'll be coming out more often.
     I made this simple twist bracelet in one of my metalsmithing classes in high school. Since I wasn't wearing a necklace or flashy bracelet with this outfit I wanted an eye-catching ring, so my mom let me borrow this pearl ring of hers for the day. I think it was the perfect touch!

     Y'all are probably getting so sick of me reminding everyone of this by now, but I'm still accepting questions for my upcoming and first vlog! I originally planned to record it on Tuesday, but since that's my first day back at school after break I think I'll wait until Wednesday or Thursday to record it. Click here to be taken to the original post with more information! The goal of this vlog is a chance for all my readers to get to know me better, so ask me any question you like!

     Hope everyone has a great Monday! I'll be spending mine in various airports on the East Coast- hopefully both of my flights will be on time so I will make it back to campus in time to watch tonight's Dancing With The Stars episode!

     xoxo Miss ALK


  1. Replies
    1. Aw thank-you! I'm sure it will be appearing in future blog posts. :-)

      xoxo Miss ALK

  2. aw, this is a lovely outfit, girl! i love your fashion posts... they're always lovely. :) you are so lovely, too. :) i hope you had a lovely Easter!

    Mikailah xxx

  3. I love the dress! I like stripes and bright colors and this combines it ;)

  4. Oh, I'm in love with your dress! I love how bright colors are so "in" right now :-)


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