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April 22, 2013

Short hair, don't care!

     I officially have a new 'do! 

     Last Friday afternoon after I got out of classes for the day I headed over to a local salon and told them the three things I wanted for my hair: shorter, blonder and bangs! Before this past year I wasn't very brave with my hair. Minus a short stint my freshman year of high school when I had my hair around shoulder legnth, I've always had really long, straight and brown hair. Last September I took my first big leap of (hair) faith when I decided to get a perm. I loved having long, permed hair, but recently it was starting to become a pain. The perm was fading out so it just had this weird wavy and frizzy texture. When I went to the lake last weekend my hair was a disaster and it got so tangled from the breeze and swimming. Living in a coastal town at home I'm a total beach bum in the summertime, and I couldn't picture myself enduring those type of hair problems on a regular basis.

     So off to the salon I went, and the hairstylist ended up cutting over nine inches of my hair! I didn't realize quite how long it'd gotten. I also got some side bangs and a bunch of dirty blond highlights put in. This Instagram picture isn't the best picture of it but hopefully I'll get some fashion posts up soon and y'all can see how it looks in better lighting. I can't wait to see how it looks curled! I think this is a great legnth because it's shorter and easier to brush but it's still long enough that I can tie it up and do other cute things with it.

      Besides for getting this haircut I had a pretty uneventful weekend. It was mostly filled with homework (I had more assignments to do this weekend than any other weekend so far this semester!) and visiting a couple friends' dorm rooms on Saturday night for some girl time. What did you do this weekend? :-)

     xoxo Miss ALK


  1. I just got my haircut short on Saturday! We had our Relay For Life event at our college this weekend and I donated 8 " to locks of love. I loved my long hair so this is quite an adjustment for me

    1. Wow how awesome that you were able to do that!! Good for you! :-)

      xoxo Miss ALK

  2. LOVE the new hair, Miss ALK! Very pretty! Spring must be the time to change up the 'do... I have a hair appointment this week as well! I thought about cutting it short again, but would like to see if I can get it past this awkward stage and have long hair for the first time since grade school... but we shall see!

  3. i love the new look, girl! it looks so fashionable and cute and totally you. ;) so pretty! do you like it? ;)
    love the new look! i need to get my hair fashioned a bit soon, too. :) it's almost down to my waist. haha.


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