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April 9, 2013

Fashion post {4/9/13}

     This outfit was actually what I wore to church this past Sunday, on April 7. It was the first Sunday so far this semester that was warm enough for me to wear cute spring clothes to church, and I was very excited!

  • Shirt: Forever 21 (January 2013) [also featured in this post]
  • Skirt: Dillard's (November 2012)
  • Wedges: Antonio Melani {bought at Dillard's} (November 2012) [also featured in this post]
  • Belt: Christmas gift from my cousin (December 2010)
  • Hat: Target (April 2013)
  • Sunglasses: Koh's (July 2012)
  • Bracelet: Silpada Designs (2008)
  • Nail Polish: Sephora by OPI in Already Famous

      To start off, if you've been reading my fashion posts for awhile now you'll probably notice that certain pieces of mine tend to repeat themeselves. In this post it's my shirt and wedges. While I rarely repeat full outfits, I do use a lot of the same basic pieces in many of my daily outfits. Minus a few "splurge" items, most clothing and accessories that I buy have to be guarenteed to match a lot of things that I already own, or be able to be incorporated into many different outfits for me to buy them. If you really love something, why not wear it alot? :-)
     I love this shirt from Forever 21 because it's a gorgeous color and matches so many things that I own! I can dress it up or dress it down. Pairing it with different types of jewelry creates a new look every time. The best part about it is how little I paid for it! Forever 21 is one of my go-to places for cheap but well made t-shirts and other basic items. They always have a great style and color selection.
     I bought this skirt and the wedges together last November. They were marked down quite a bit at a discount Dillard's location. I have been waiting for the weather to get warm enough to start wearing them, and was so excited to this weekend! I love the cute flower pattern and pretty pastel colors in this skirt. It's short enough to not be a pain to walk in or too hot to wear, but long enough to still be modest and appropirate for church.
     I picked some bold accessories to match my outfit. I found this beautiful sunhat at Target this past weekend! I'd been wanting a sunhat for awhile (Aren't they such a Southern thing to wear?), and had browsed a few other stores for them. But everything that I found was either not the style that I was looking for or way too expensive, such as this Vineyard Vines hat. So I decided to try my luck with Target, and I found the exact hat that I was looking for! It's in a neutral color so it will match a lot of things, and it has a beautiful wide brim. The best part is I paid only $14.99 for it! The sunhat is something that will definitely be appearing in more of my fashion posts soon (I'm warning you guys now!). The belt was a Christmas gift from one of my older cosuins a few years ago. This summer I want to experiment with pairing belts like this that I have with shorts and dresses. 
     Since my belt and hat are both quite bold, I didn't wear a lot of jewelry with this outfit. I had on some small stud earrings that aren't pictured, and this cute bracelet. My mom got it for me a few years ago from Silpada designs, which is a company that sells sterling silver jewelry through independent representatives. The finishing touch on the outfit was a little bit of reddish-coral lipstick for an extra pop!

     What are some of your favorite things to wear when the weather gets warm?

     xoxo Miss ALK

     P.S. I'm thinking about sharing some embarrassing and 100% real e-mails shared between me and my freshman year of high school crush in my next post- think this is a good idea? For the record I can't even read them without laughing my head off. :-) 



  1. This is a very cute outfit ;)
    and YES! I would love to read some of the emails between you and your freshman year crush :D

  2. Beautiful, Your smile and style have got me go crazy, I was at a few different and all the work there has been just so brilliant, The warm colors of yours have been the highlight of the show


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