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March 29, 2022

Virginia Beach Apartment Tour: Living Room

     Continuing on with my Virginia Beach apartment tour today! (I recently shared my apartment kitchen and bathroom in this post.) I really loved the living room layout that my room Abigail and I had in our shared Charlottesville apartment. I knew that the size of the living room would be smaller in my Virginia Beach apartment, but I was still determined to make things look similar, especially since I'd still be bringing my same couch, upholstered chair and TV stand. 

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      I loved the white styled bookshelves that we had in Charlottesville on either side of the TV. The shelves were Abigail's, but I knew I wanted to buy identical shelves for myself when I moved to Virginia Beach. I just love the look of styled and color coordinated bookshelves! It's so fun to arrange my books in a color-coded fashion, and fill in the rest of the shelves with various frames, vases and other decor items. 

     The three map illustrations that I have over the TV are all from my favorite artist, Evelyn Henson. I love her Map Series prints! I thought about doing five small ones for every town/city that I've lived, but there isn't a print yet for my hometown in Maine. So I decided to do the three cities that I've worked in for radio so far in my career: Burlington, VT, and Charlottesville and Virginia Beach, VA. My parents kindly bought me the Burlington and Virginia Beach prints for my birthday last year! I had previously owned the Charlottesville print, but I messed up the sizing so the other two ones accidently arrived much larger. But that's okay! I think I spatially it actually looks cooler to have the middle one be smaller. 

     I've had my couch, pillows, and coffee table ottoman in my past two apartments. I bought them all used in 2018 from a sorority sister who was moving, and she gave me an amazing deal for all of them! It worked out so well, as the colors and styles of everything is probably what I would've wanted to buy new anyways. 

Living Room Details:

     You can also check out my kitchen and bathroom decor from my Virginia Beach apartment here, and all of my past apartment tours in other places I've lived here. Virginia Beach apartment bedroom reveal coming soon!

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese


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