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March 8, 2022

Lilly Pulitzer Spring 2022 Dresses: Try-On + Sizing Guide! 🌴🌸

     It's been way too long since I've popped over to the Lilly Pulitzer River Road store in Richmond for a try-on session! I was in Richmond last weekend to meet up with a couple friends from Charlottesville, and knew that I had to squeeze in a Lilly Pulitzer store visit while I was up there. One of the many reasons that I love springtime is because it's the annual return of getting to wear most of my Lilly and brightly colored warm-weather clothing items again! So I'm always excited to see the Lilly Spring arrivals each year. 

      I didn't have quite as much time at the store as I usually do (due to a busy and full day in Richmond!), so I decided to focus this try-on just on dresses in the new collection. For sizing reference on this try-on: for my height I am just shy of 5"7, I have a 34C chest, and I typically wear a size 6 in clothing from most brands. If a brand uses letter sizing, I am sometimes a S and sometimes an M- just depends on the fit and the fabric of an item.

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     Long sleeved Lilly Pulitzer dresses like this one are perfect for early spring in the South, or for later and spring (maybe even summer?) in cooler climates like the North. The Carmilla dress fits very true to size! The fabric is stretchy and extremely comfortable. I think the chest has just the right amount of v-neck to it. It's low cut enough to be a little flirty, but not too low cut that you couldn't wear it for most occasions. A very flattering and comfy Lilly dress all around!

     This was my first time trying on the Kienna cardigan! I've seen several of my Lilly loving blogger friends wear the pink version. I think it is super cute and classy! But it does run small. I'm wearing the S here, but I probably would go up to an M if I were to purchase, as it's a little tight in the shoulders. The Tisbury dress is a great solid colored Lilly piece- perfect for a dressier workplace! 

      Such a classic Lilly spring dress! Nothing beats pink and green in a Lilly print. 😊 This is a gorgeous tunic dress. So flattering on many body types too! An ideal Lilly dress for everyday where in the spring. I will say that this dress runs slightly small in the chest- but it fit perfectly in the stomach area. (I do have more broad shoulders for my frame, so that might be why it was a little tighter in the chest for me.)

      I didn't expect to like the Kay dress as much as I did!! This is definitely a very trendy style, and not as classic as other Lilly. Puff sleeve dresses and square neck dresses and tops are so trendy right now. But I actually really loved this!! So flattering on, and I surprisingly loved the bright orange hue. If I still lived in Charlottesville, I might've had to get this in honor of UVA! It would definitely be a great gameday dress for a school with orange as a color.

      Another gorgeous and flattering spring dress option! I feel like I've used the word "flattering" so many times in this blog post, but all the dresses that I tried on this time really are so great on so many body types. This dress is probably a little on the dressy side for everyday-wear, but I think it would be so perfect for slightly dressy spring events like showers, recitals, graduations and Easter! 

      Saved the best for last!! This was by far my favorite item that I tried on this time. 😊 Isn't this dress just lovely?! Would be perfect for a daytime spring wedding guest dress. The skirt is so full which makes it very fun! The fit and skirt of this dress remind me so much of this Lilly dress from last summer. This is one of the more expensive dresses in today's try-on, but I think it would be worth it to splurge for a special event. Or a good dress to look for in the next Sunshine Sale!

      If you are in the Richmond area, stop by and see the wonderful staff at Lilly Pulitzer Richmond Road! It is always so much fun to be in-store there. Some Lilly stores that I've been in before are really tiny, but one thing that I love about River Road is how big and spacious it is! I wish I lived closer, but I'm glad to be only a couple hours away in Virginia Beach now. 

     The shoes that I'm wearing in these photos can be found here! Thanks so much as always for reading!!

      God Bless,

       xoxo Annaliese 



  1. Sooooo much goodness at Lilly right now! I’m a big fan of everything you tried on!

  2. Nice skirt its really looking very beautiful and good design. I will go to Old Navy to find one.

  3. So cute!
    You found a lot of really flattering pieces.


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