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March 17, 2022

Virginia Beach Apartment Tour: Kitchen + Bathroom.

     I'm excited to finally be sharing my Virginia Beach apartment tour with you! I've had so much fun turning this little one bedroom apartment into my ultimate bachelorette pad. I've probably had more fun decorating this apartment than anywhere else that I've lived. I love how everything has come together! I moved the majority of my furniture that I've had in past apartments with me to Virginia Beach, but I did add in a lot of new décor, and arranged some of my older pieces differently here.

     I'm starting off this apartment tour with some shots of my kitchen and bathroom. Soon I'll share the living room and bedroom with you!

      There are some things that I love about this apartment kitchen, and a couple things I really dislike. 😂 Let's start with the pros. I love the generous counter space for a small apartment! It's a lot more space for cooking and food preparation then I had had in either of my Charlottesville apartments. The cabinets are also huge with lots of storage room! And I love the flat cooktop stove. This isn't shown in these pictures, but I also have a real pantry closet!!! I have never had a true pantry in an apartment before. Basically the theme here is that the storage and space in this kitchen are great for the size of the apartment.

    For things I don't like- my last kitchen had a big window in it so there was always natural light, and this kitchen is not near any windows in my apartment. I'm a huge natural light person, and I miss being able to look out a window while cooking! Sometimes artificial lights only start to bug me, but I don't really have a choice in this kitchen. I'm also not a big fan of brown cabinets (I prefer white... or really any other color), but I have tried to make the best of those with the blue and white decor theme.

     Speaking of that- I am still so obsessed with this peel and stick backsplash that my friend Michelle and I did shortly after I moved into the apartment last summer!! I have a whole blog post that you can read here with the before/after of putting up the backsplash. 

Kitchen details:

     And here's a few shots of my bathroom:

Bathroom details:

     Like my kitchen, my bathroom is also very generous in storage size for a small apartment. It has the same brown cabinets that are in my kitchen. I have done a flamingo décor theme in the bathroom, with pops of florals and pineapples as well. My friends Ciera and Priyanka and I have a thing for flamingos, as we all stayed at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas during a girls' trip in 2016. Ever since then, we have bought each other things with flamingo themes for Christmas and birthdays and such. Priyanka bought me the flamingo glasses holder (that I just use as décor) and Ciera bought me the flamingo jewelry dish! I bought the flamingo shower curtain in tribute to our little friend trio. Plus- flamingos are a fun theme for a bachelorette pad bathroom right?!

      To see more of my past apartment tours from other cities I've loved, click here. I look forward to sharing my Virginia Beach living room and bedroom with you soon!

     God Bless,

      xoxo Annaliese 


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