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March 2, 2022

Midweek Ramblings.


{Got to take a walk to Belle Isle in Richmond over the weekend- I always love stopping to take in the view from the pedestrian bridges! Follow me on Instagram @miss_alk}

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  • Ukraine: The world has changed so much in the last week, and it is absolutely heartbreaking to see the stories and images coming out of Ukraine. I'm sure I'm not alone in feeling a bit hopeless about the whole thing- it seems so cruel that people in the US (and other countries all over the world) are still living normal day-to-day lives, while Ukraine is under attack. This story about how life has changed in a Ukraine children's hospital for cancer patients made me especially sad. Seeing the news this week has definitely made me feel more thankful for my everyday life, and the safety of living here. Such a reminder not to take things for granted. 
  • Real life Switched at Birth: Did anyone else watch the show Switched at Birth on ABC Family? I think it was on like 10-12 years ago? All about two teenage girls who were accidently switched at birth. It made for a great teen drama TV plot, but seemed so far fetched to actually happen in real life. Well- it did!! Insane right? The TODAY show did this great piece yesterday on this real life switched at birth story for two women. Craziest lifestyle news story that I've read in awhile.

Weekend recaps:

  • Last weekend: So busy and fun! My favorite type of weekend. Friday after work I went to a driving range to practice for my next golf lesson, and then went out with a friend that evening. On Saturday morning, I stayed in my pajamas late and binged the rest of Love is Blind Season 2 (who else can't wait for the reunion to drop on Friday?!). On Saturday afternoon, I met up with a group of new friends at a brewery, and then went to a Junior League friend's birthday party that night. It was a wine and cheese tasting themed birthday party- which might become my new favorite party theme! On Sunday, I went to Richmond for a day trip. It was my first time getting to see my Charlottesville friend Emily since I moved last summer! So good to see her and catch up. And we got to meet my friend Caroline for lunch as well. 
  • This weekend: Flying home to Maine for my best friend Julia's bachelorette party and wedding dress shopping weekend! This feels so surreal... 10 years ago we were getting ready for prom, and now here we are, all grown up and Julia is getting married! Julia and Luke are actually doing a destination elopement this summer (sans family and sans bridal party), so this will be my only chance to celebrate her upcoming wedding with her, and I can't wait. Be sure to check out my recent bachelorette party planning tips blog post- which y'all helped me write thanks to your tips and advice sent in on Instagram! 


  • Two purchases this week- and both were secondhand! I am really getting into consignment shopping this year. I've been wanting a pair of these sandals for awhile now, and especially so since moving to the beach. However- they aren't super cheap to buy new! I finally found a pair in good condition for a great price in my size on Poshmark. They should be arriving today! 
  • I've been wanting a looser fitting striped button down for awhile, and found one for just $4.50 at a secondhand store in Richmond!! (It looks almost identical to this shirt, and from the same retailer.)


  • I went to the Lilly Pulitzer River Road store in Richmond over the weekend to do a little spring try-on! (It'll be posted next week.) Spoiler alert: this was my favorite new arrival dress that I tried on. It's so gorgeous in person! 
  • Y'all know how much I love my Barrington Gifts St. Anne totes! Currently tote bags are the only thing I own from Barrington. Lately I really have my eye on this small crossbody bag style that they also sell. 
  • I love cardigans and have never stopped wearing them, but they are really having a fashion moment right now! This striped cardigan is cute- always love this color combo. Very preppy!
  • An easy beach vacation dress for summer that is under $50.
  • I have no upcoming events that would call for a dress like this, but if I did have a very formal event on the calendar, I think this bold gown is absolutely stunning!!

Currently reading: I'll Take Your Questions Now by Stephanie Grisham - I just finished this last night, I thought it was an informative and entertaining read that I really enjoyed! Stephanie was one of the Press Secretaries during the Trump presidency, and she also worked directly for the First Lady for much of the administration. I don't really like to get too into politics on my blog, but I will just say that I did really enjoy reading this book a lot. It's a super interesting insight into a weird time in American politics.

Recipe of the week: Easy Sprinkle Cookies from Carolina Charm - These are tasty and very easy cookies to make from scratch! Christina always shares great recipes on her blog, and these are no exception. Sign me up for anything with sprinkles!! 

Song of the week: Fast Times by Sabrina Carpenter - Loving this new single! Has kind of a summer song vibe to me. (Makes me think of driving with the windows down and warm weather!) It's been a few years since I've really liked once of Sabrina's songs, but this one is so great.

Favorite blog posts of the week:

  • Caralina Style - Cara shared the cute winter weekend outfit she wore during our day exploring Atlanta a few weekends ago!
  • Style Charade - I absolutely loved Jenn's review of the new United Airlines Polaris Lounge at Dulles Airport near DC. Bucket list to visit this while traveling someday!
  • Summer Wind - I love that Sydney still wrote a Wedding Wednesday post, even though her wedding was last year. These are always fun to read.

On the blog this week:

      God Bless,

      xoxo Annaliese


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