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November 20, 2021

Vera Bradley 2021 Bright Friday Sale!

      Let's kick off the biggest shopping week of the year by chatting about a sale for one of my favorite brands, Vera Bradley! I wanted to highlight some of my favorite Vera items that I use regularly that are included in the sale. They'd be perfect for treating yourself, or gifting this holiday season!

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     The Vera Bradley Bright Friday Sale kicked off on Friday, November 19th this year. This is Vera Bradley's biggest sale of the year, with 30% off most items and 50% off items already on sale! (A few specific items and collections are excluded, such as the Harry Potter and Peanuts collections.) I've shared on the blog before how I have been a longtime Vera Bradley fan, dating all the back to middle school when I got my first purse. 😊It's always so fun to look back on this super old blog post from freshman year of college (!!) where I showed off all the Vera items I owned and loved at the time. True story- I still have and love many of those same things today, which is a testament to how well these items hold up!

     I also have my own affiliate discount code for Vera Bradley, which is MISS_ALK for 10% off. You can use that with the Bright Friday Sale discount at checkout and save even more!!

     Here are five items that I own, love, and probably use the most frequently over the past couple years from Vera Bradley. I'd highly recommend checking these out in the Bright Friday Sale!

     1. Curling and Flat Iron Cover

     I can't believe I've actually never photographed this on the blog before, given how much I've used it since I got it a couple years ago. (Excuse the quick iPhone snap here! Haha.) This item is a must for anyone who travels often, and likes to travel with a curling iron or straightener. You can stick a super hot hair tool inside it right after using, and this will help cool it down safely and protect other items in your luggage or bag from the heat. It's normally priced at $25, so getting it during the Bright Friday Sale is a truly amazing deal!

     2. Vera Tote Bag

     I got my first Vera Bradley tote as a birthday gift for my senior year of high school. I used that bag that whole year and for a lot of college- literally until the straps started to get too worn! I've always known since then that Vera Bradley tote bags are such great quality, and I'm happy to own two of them again as an adult (this one pictured above in more spring/summer colors, and a darker one that's more for fall/winter). These bags are great for everyday, but one thing that I especially love using them for is carry-ons when flying! I find I can fit way more in these compared to other totes that I have, and the pocket compartments inside are so handy for everything you need when flying.

    3. Fitted Face Mask

     I was really hoping last holiday season that by Christmas 2021, face masks would be a thing of the past. Well, so is not the case. 😷😳At least they don't have to be worn in quite as many situations now as they did last year, thanks to vaccines! Anyways, if you're still wearing face masks regularly for work, travel, or anywhere else that might require them, I can't recommend the Vera Bradley fitted masks enough. For reusable cloth masks, these have definitely been my favorite from mid-2020 right up until now! And they're such a good deal in this sale. 

     4. Large Travel Duffel Bag

     Dare I say the duffle bags might just be Vera Bradley's most iconic and most-loved items?! And yet, despite being a Vera fan for many years, it wasn't until last year that I got my first duffle! Clearly I was missing out for a long time! While Vera Bradley does make duffles in a few sizes, the large sized duffles especially are amazing since you can jam-pack them with so much stuff! While I haven't flown with one of these yet, they have been a go-to for me since I got mine for weekend road trips!! And the quality is impeccable- these will last for years and years and years.

      5. RFID All in One Crossbody Bag

     This is a great tiny purse option if you're looking for something very compact but can still fit a decent amount! My mom and I are finally hoping to go on our next Europe trip next year (it's been rescheduled in both 2019 and 2020), and I think this bag might definitely be coming along, since it's a great small size and also includes RFID protection for credit cards, which is an awesome travel perk. It's also great for everyday use in situations when you don't want to have a big purse and just need the essentials.

     There you go- my five favorite Vera Bradley items that I recommend checking out for yourself or for Christmas gifting in the Bright Friday Sale!! Please let me know if you end up getting anything- whether these items or something else. And don't forget to use code MISS_ALK for an extra 10% off! 

    Can't wait to share this year's Black Friday picks with you this coming week!!

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese


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