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November 16, 2021

My 2021 Christmas Wishlist.

       I think it's been a few years since I've shared a Christmas wishlist on my blog for myself, but I thought I'd resume this year! I was thinking this weekend about a few stocking stuffers that I wanted to tell my parents I'd like, and that's what got me thinking of resuming sharing my own Christmas list on the blog like I used to. 

     I do want to give a disclaimer beforehand that I am well aware that I don't need any of these things. I am so blessed to be at a point in life with both my day job and blogging side hustle where I can afford most of the things in life that I want to buy myself. I'm also thankful that my parents (and especially my mom) taught me the importance of saving and avoiding debt, and how fulfilling it can be to save up for a larger purchase. But with all that said, we do still do Christmas gifts in my family, and it is always helpful to give my parents an idea of things that I'd like, so I thought I'd share a few of those things here with y'all today.

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     The number one thing that I want this year is this pillow for my bed! I actually already have one of these pillows and I am so obsessed that I want a second one for the other side of my queen bed. My friend Perrin's husband works for the company that makes these pillows, and he kindly gifted me one a couple years ago. As I said, I've been obsessed. I'm a stomach sleeper generally, and this is by far the best and most comfortable pillow for stomach sleepers that I've ever used. I can't wait to have two of these finally.

     While I've found myself being so-so on Chrissy Teigen in recent years (I found this news story from earlier in the year about her to be pretty troubling if I'm being honest), I am still a huge fan of her recipes and cookbooks. Her original Cravings cookbook is probably one of my top five most used cookbooks of all-time. She has another new Cravings cookbook out in 2021 that I want, and Chrissy's mom Pepper also wrote her first cookbook with her own recipes this year too. 

      The rest of the items that I'm listing are all pretty small, but would bring me joy. I'm a big tea drinker and would love to try some of these fun and gourmet tea bag varieties to mix up what I drink every weekday morning. I tried a Fab Fit Fun sample box earlier in the year, and while I didn't end up subscribing to their service, I did like the items in my sample box, and I really loved this face moisturizer. I think that more of it would make a great stocking stuffer! I also would love to finally own some large rollers for my hair, now that it's growing out a little bit from how short it was this summer I think it would be the perfect time to try them out at last. 

     And finally- two items that I'm certainly not expecting to get and I don't really need, but are still fun to add in. I'm adding a Kendra Scott ring to my list. I love Kendra Scott jewelry and got a ring from there last year that I was wearing often but unfortunately I lost it this summer! And lastly, a piece of MacKenzie Childs pottery for my kitchen. MacKenzie Childs is a brand I've gotten to know well from the blogging world, and I've loved seeing many of my favorite bloggers feature these pieces in their kitchen and homes. MacKenzie Childs pieces are not cheap, so this spoon rest price point is probably all I could justify for living in an apartment right now- ha! I don't currently have a spoon rest through, and the blue and white colors in this pattern would match my blue and white kitchen so well. 

     And that's my little Christmas list for this year! Honestly though, I feel like I'm getting to an age where I enjoy experience gifts even more than physical ones. Money or gift certificates for travel or experiences are wonderful as well. I'd love to hear any items on your list this year!

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese 


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